Is It Better To Go To Community College First?

Deciding where you go to college will impact your life forever. Naturally, many students are thinking, “Is it better to go to community college first?”

And the answer is yes, yes, and yes…

I give a full analysis on why you should to go to community college first at Community College Transfer

However, on this page, I would like to address the impact on the decision you are making.

You’re probably not thinking about 5, 10, 20, 30 years from now. Heck, you’re probably not thinking about next month…I know I didn’t put much thought into it…

Until I realized that everything I am doing now, impacts what my life is like in the future – meaning, my work, my hobbies, my friends, my grades, my family…everything matters.

Community college is a tremendous opportunity because you get a fresh start! Before, in high school, everything you do follows you through life as you go to a college based on your high school performance, then get a job based on that college, then, then, then…

It adds up.

But at community college, you get this unique opportunity to start over and give yourself a way better looking future than ever before…

In fact, if you make all the right moves, you’ll end up with a future far better than you think you deserve! Think I’m joking? or lying? or crazy?

Just go to my homepage for proof.

When you know what to do at community college, the thought – “should I go to community college?” will seem like a no brainer…

And that is because you’ll understand that taking the right steps at community college will allow you to become a top student and transfer to the best universities, while saving over $80,000 in tuition over 2 years.

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