Five Ways To Use Social Media For Better Grades

by Steve Armstrong

Almost every community college student has a mobile phone and many are now switching to the best smart phones such as the iPhone 4 or latest android phones to keep up with technology of facebook and twitter marketing and with all the added features that these mobile communication products have. In addition, most such students have a social networking or social media accounts with Facebook, Twitter and many more being created each day. By the same token, students are connecting not only to the world using both their Facebook and Twitter accounts, but also to each other on campus. The question is how having access to such communication tools can be used beneficially as a student.

At two year community college and four year college level, teachers and lecturers too have begun to join this technology platform. While originally resistant to the use of computers, many old-school teachers and lecturers have chucked out their reservations and embraced technology not only in the form of computers and laptops, but the transition good smart phones and having their own social networking access is gathering momentum.

The good news for students then is that this can be a means to communicate with your professor or lecturer without actually having to say anything after class in the long line of students who are waiting to speak to the professor. The more technologically advanced professors are now using Twitter as a means of communication and encourage students to tweet comments and questions that can be responded to in real time. They have quite a following after a while so you can ask them to how to get more twitter followers. As a student, you can then use this to your benefit as it allows you to communicate with the teacher without necessarily having to raise your hand and be the centre of attention, if you are not comfortable with that.

Another interesting thing is that while Facebook is used commonly to share photos and updates about a person’s personal life, likes and dislikes and a host of other general thoughts, more proactive students are using this platform to communicate with their peers about what is happening in the classroom and even to create virtual discussion groups for academic purposes. So if you're wondering, "how can I study faster?" - study groups are very helpful when obtaining an educational degree from community colleges and universities online and on campus. You can also "like" your community college's facebook page to get updates or ask questions about things going on at the college like inquiring about Houston Community College online classes.

Since both of these platforms are free, you will be able to use these in any WiFi environments and this allows for discussions to be continued outside the classroom, for homework and assignments to be discussed and planned and even for readings to be done through a concerted effort on Facebook and Twitter. It goes without saying, you are able to create a broader network and make more friends - which will ultimately help you if you're willing to work with other students.

And when it is time to transfer to university - whether Ivy League, Tier 1 or anywhere else, you can start using Facebook and Twitter to learn more about those institutions. Staying up to date, following and responding will help you learn more about perspective universities - so take advantage of it to make sure making the right decision when going from community college to university.

Facebook and Twitter have also become responsible for creating a means of communication outside the classroom that has nothing to do with academic content but allows individuals to network with each other generally. These platforms are important, but the basic rule is still that you must choose your friends wisely. Remember that Facebook in particular allows everyone that you have accepted as a friend to view your profile and sometimes, this may not be a good thing!

All in all, these two social networking platforms have opened more doors in the last 5 years that allow students in particular to wander into unchartered territory and we must therefore be prepared to expect anything, but if as a student you can use these platforms to serve you, both in and out of the classroom, then you will certainly be one step ahead of the rest of them.

This post was written by Steve Armstrong

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Earl Sarsuelo June 7, 2012 at 2:50 am

Great post! Now I got some helpful tips with the use of Social Media to improve my school grades. Hope to read more from the author. Thanks for sharing!


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