How To Become A Printing Money Saving Superhero!

by Jon Hartely

Start Saving Printer Costs with These Awesome Tips!

I’m going to share with you a few insider tips to make your ink cartridges last that little bit longer and tighten those purse strings. Once I’ve finished with you, you’ll be the money saving printing super hero you always wanted to be.

Are you ready for your Super Hero training?

Firstly, you need the right equipment!

There are two types of printer to choose from depending on how much you print. If size matters and you print over a 100 pages in a week you need a Laser Printer they’re designed for heavy workloads and most offices are kitted out with these bad boys. If you print anything less than that you’ll need an inkjet printer. Inkjet printers are specifically designed for printing at home or in small offices.

Don’t make a Rookie Mistake and buy the cheapest printer!

Printer manufacturers actually make more money on the ink and toner cartridges than a printer, so you might think you’re getting a great deal on a printer, but the ink cartridges might be expensive. Always check how much the ink would cost you before buying the printer you could get a better printer and cheaper cartridges…Superheroes 1 Printer Manufacturers Nil!

Save energy, save cash!

Always look at the energy efficiency rating of a printer before purchasing, this can reduce your energy consumption by 65%. Also save money by switching off your printer when you aren’t using it!

Beware your printer needs some love!

Leaving your printer unused for long periods of time can cause your ink cartridge to dry up and clog, make sure you at least print one small document a week; doing that prevents clogging and keeps your cartridges in superhero condition!

Buy compatible or remanufactured cartridges.

Compatible cartridges are copies of cartridges that aren’t made by the printer manufacturer! They’re getting better and better all the time and can be so much cheaper to buy! But if you need to print high quality prints stick with the OEM cartridges.

Use your supervision and be on the look out for bundles.

When you’ve run out of ink and need to buy new cartridges, you can buy bundles, multi-packs or even high capacity cartridges. Think of all the dough you’ll save over time!

Preview first, and print only when needed!

Only print when you absolutely need to! Did you know there is a draft mode on most printers? This will save you money and ink!

Switch your Super font type!

Yup just by switching the type of font you use can save you around 30% in ink. So even if you love your super font, change it to something smaller and simpler!

Colour or Black??

There’s a setting on most prints to just switch printing in black instead of colour, as sometimes your printer will mix the magenta, yellow and cyan cartridges to make black! So instead of using 4 cartridges you’ll only use one.

Save money with vouchers, offers and promotions!

There are lots of ways of getting discount for ink and toner on the web, you just need to look for them in the right places. Use affiliate websites and sign up to email marketing to get the best offers if you don’t ask you don’t get!

There you have it you’re a fully fledged printing super hero get out there and do me proud.

This post was written by Jon Hartely

Jon Hartley is the Product development specialist at Cartridge Monkey, one of the UK's major suppliers of Ink Cartridges. He’s a big fan of sports and technology.

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