10 Tips for Writing Your College Application Essay

by Chad Agrawal

10 Tips for Writing the Perfect College Application EssayCollege application season is a competitive time for any high school student who hopes to get into a big name school or to get a scholarship. Writing the essay that wins the hearts of the admissions advisors is the key, and fortunately there is more than one way to do that

1. Start early and avoid procrastination at all costs. The earlier you finish your essay, the more chances you have to proofread it and have others read it. You do not want to risk sending off an unfinished product

2. Take risks if you think they can pay off. You do not want to write exactly the same thing as your classmates. Imagine yourself as just one in a pile of many and make an effort to stand out

3. If you want to write an essay that maintains focus, try removing the introduction and conclusion paragraphs. You might find that these paragraphs were unnecessary

4. Avoid using vague words, such as ‘very’ and ‘a lot’. Use vivid imagery with strong active verbs that will not make you sound like a walking thesaurus

5. It is essential to have at least three people read your essay who know you in different ways. For instance, you might have a classmate, a teacher and a parent read it for you.
6. Keep it concise. Sometimes using more words works against you

7. Be likable. Admissions advisors are looking for people who can become strong members of the community and fit in with others. If your writing takes on a negative tone, you might end up scaring them off.

8. It is great to show off your sense of humor; just be careful about how you use it. It is even okay to be controversial if it fits in with your personality. Just ensure that you are backing up your opinions with strong arguments

9. Avoid using slang at all costs, unless it is absolutely relevant to your point.

10. So many students are caught up in trying to share who they are that they forget to answer the question asked of them. This is the biggest no-no of all.

When it comes to writing the essay that gets you into college, whether it is one of the outstanding community colleges in Arizona or a university on the east coast, do not be afraid to show off your personality. You need to share the diversity that you will bring to the campus.

This post was written by Chad Agrawal

Chad Agrawal is the founder of CCTS, helping students transfer from community college to Ivy League, tier 1 or anywhere else by following this community college guide.

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