13 Tips For Cheap Student Living At Community College Or University

by A Guest Author

Being poor and being a student go hand in hand together. But how can you still have fun whilst studying? The best thing about being a student is your discount card. Use it absolutely whenever and wherever you can. Even if shops or restaurants don’t advertise the fact that they offer this discount, ask!


1. Learn to cook

It sounds silly, but a surprising number of students struggle with even the most simple domestic task. Learn some basic cooking skills, and you’ll soon be turning down expensive, unhealthy ready meals in favour for your own home made treats.

2. Cook with friends and flatmates

This will not only reduce the cost of your shopping, as you’re buying in bulk. Plus, having dinner together is sociable and fun – bonus!

3. Never shop when you’re hungry

Doing so will inevitably end up in you buying much more fun that you don’t need or want. Instead, plan your meals carefully, make a list, and stick to it.

4. Shop locally

Where possible, seek out local food markets and buy fresh fruit, veg and meat from these. It’s often much cheaper than supermarkets, and you can easily strike up a good deal with the owners! Be friendly, and they will remember you the next time you come back


5. Haircuts

Don’t pay full whack – seek out trainee hairdressers who will cut it for free.

6. Ebay

Ebay is perfect for both buying cheap clothes, and selling anything else you don’t want or need. Sign up and start enjoying your new healthier bank balance.

7. Borrow

If in doubt, raid a friend’s wardrobe. Just be prepared to lend out your own things if you take this option!


8. Don’t rule out long haul holidays.

Check out flights to places like Thailand, Vietnam or Malaysia. It may cost you much more to get there, but you can live off around £20 a day including accommodation whilst your there. It is for this reason that these places are becoming more and more popular with students so have a look what deals you can find.

9. Try road trips/camping

This is a perfect way to explore with a group of friends and experience the great outdoors! Camping can cost as little as £10 a night, and bringing your own car means you can stock up on food, drink, and anything else you need so you don’t have to buy it once you arrive at your destination.

10. Try house sitting

This is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are seeking out cheaper holidays. People literally rent out their homes for you to stay in for a week. Try a quick Google search and see what you can find – apartments in central Paris for £20 a night, beautiful villas in Istanbul for £15 – the possibilities are endless.

Nights out

11. Hand out flyers

If you have a favourite venue or nightclub, offer to hand out flyers for a few hours a week. In most cases, they will pay you, and offer you free entry into the club!

12. Always make a plan of action with your friends

Decide roughly where you’re going, and how you will get home. Make sure you have somebody to share a taxi with – this will not only save you money, but keep you safe too

13. Avoid getting into rounds

This may seem like a good idea at the time, but often this will cause you to drink more then you originally planned, and you end up picking up the tab for those with more expensive taste than yourself.

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This post was written by A Guest Author

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