3 Post-Graduate Job Search Tips For 2012

by A Guest Author

As the economy is still recovering from an economic downturn, finding a job in the field of one's choice can be challenging. Many graduates are finding that getting a diploma does not necessarily ensure that one will be able to find good employment. However, the good news is that it is possible for a graduate student to land a job in the field of his or her choice. Following are some simple yet effective job search tips that one should consider.

1. Use Social Network Sites

Many people have been able to land a job via a social network site. It is a well known fact that many job recruiters check LinkedIn when looking for possible candidates for a position. A person who is serious about getting a job in the field of his or her choice should set up a professional LinkedIn profile with a clear description of his or her practical experience and education level.

Another good social network site to use is Twitter. Some companies use a special twitter account to tweet about job openings in the company. One should identify companies that he or she would like to work for and then follow their Twitter accounts and keep tabs of possible job openings.

2. Use the Web

The internet is a fantastic resource that will help one find good post graduate jobs. Websites such Monster.com and LordsAndMinions have hundreds of thousands of job opportunities posted. One should check these and other similar sites regularly to see for new opportunities that are posted on a regular basis.

As was noted above, it is a good idea for a graduate to make a list of companies that he or she would like to work at. One can then check these companies' home page for information about job opportunities. Some companies post such information on their website and do not publicize it on job opportunity sites.

3. Get Help

A graduate may be tempted to feel that he or she has to find a job without help. This is actually not true. There are in fact many people that would be more than willing to help a graduate find a job related to his or her field of study. College career centers are a good place to turn to for help; these centers can put one in touch with graduates who have found employment in the same field that one wants to work in.

A person should also consider his or her network of friends and relative when looking for a job. While a particular person may not be able to provide one with a job, he or she may know someone that could help. Networks are often the best way to find employment, as many companies turn to referrals for employee candidates before posting job openings online. A graduate who is looking for a job should let people know what kind of job he or she is searching for and get as much help from others as possible.

At the same time, a person does not only have to rely on the people that he or she knows. It is wise to work on building a new network of people in the industry that one wants to work in. This can be done online via LinkedIn, Facebook and other similar websites, as was noted above. However, it can also be done in person, as many companies hold networking events that one can get into.

Finding a good job may be a challenge, but it can be done. A graduate looking for work should consider the above mentioned job search tips and put them into practice. These tips are relatively simple and do not cost a lot of money to implement, but they have been proven to be effective in helping many graduates get a job in the field of their choice.

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