3 Surprisingly Dangerous Jobs

by A Guest Author

When we're asked to think of dangerous jobs, it's easy to name the most obvious ones of the tops of our heads. A military soldier or even a police officer may come to mind. We overlook jobs that may not seem dangerous, but could put you at risk for an injury. Have you considered your own job to feature any risks or have you been injured at your own job?

Garbage Man

Garbage men spend their careers cleaning up everyone's waste. They are constantly exposed to everything we throw out, including chemicals that are improperly disposed of. Although most of the injuries are sustained from traffic violations of other drivers and by the machinery in the garbage trucks.

These days it's not unusual for a someone in traffic to lose focus of the road due to texting or some other distraction. This could put a garbage man at risk, especially if he's putting trash in the truck or riding onto the back of the truck. Also, like everything technology-related, there is always a chance of something going wrong. If the machinery in the garbage trucks fails, it could put the garbage man at risk for injury.

Waiter or Waitress

Being a waiter or a waitress is a demanding and high stress job. They are always on their feet for hours each shift while assisting several customers at a time. While servicing customers, they are also handling their food, which could be really hot. They can be burned by the hot plates or even injured by dropping the plates and getting cut. It's also important they are aware of their surroundings while they are on the move. If they tend to be on the clumsy side, they can injure themselves or another person by tripping. With the right amount of skill and personality, anyone can be a great waiter or waitress and these risks shouldn't stop you from pursuing this job.

Taxi Driver

Taxi drivers also have a high stress and demanding job. They are constantly cruising through high traffic areas and dealing with all sorts of people. With all the cars and people around them, they need to be aware of their surroundings at all times. Otherwise, they can be at risk for a car accident. With all the customers a taxi driver picks up, they could be exposed to a sickness someone may have that gets into the car.

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Sarah Barnes has worked various jobs as she pursues a career in law. She has worked jobs in the food industry as a waitress and has worked as a receptionist for a social security disability lawyer.

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