3 Ways to Conquer The “Work Sucks” Syndrome In The Office

by A Guest Author

Everyone has their own pet hates about working in an office. There’s always going to be something that grates on you, whether it’s the spine-displacing torture chair you have to sit in for eight hours a day, or the constant sound of Skrillex blasting out of the next cubicle.

However, there are simple ways to conquer the most common hellish situations (without slipping sedatives into the water cooler). If you’re being slowly but surely tormented, read on before you Hulk out...

  1. Problem: You’re constantly distracted.

Solution: While ear defenders and blinkers might be tempting, they are not the most practical of options, there are a few other things you can do to help stay focused.

If you seem to get an email every ten seconds, and have got in the habit of opening each message as you receive it – stop. Check your inbox at maximum every half an hour, and spend a few minutes dealing with the messages then.

If people constantly want your attention, let them know that from now on you’re available by appointment only. Get them to IM if they need you, so you have chance to finish one task before you deal with another. Oh, and make sure that if you’re busy, your IM shows you’re busy.

If you’re distracted by other things like Facebook, Twitter or sites that are just so much more interesting than work, well, you’ve gone and brought it on yourself. Cut it out completely.

2.    Problem: You feel like you’re constantly being watched...

Solution: Whether there’s a web filter or keystroke logger on your computer, or your boss is constantly peering through the glass walls of his office to check you’re doing what you should be, it can feel like you’re being spied on 24/7.

If you get stressed about this, then try and figure out why – are you nervous because you’re doing stuff you shouldn’t be? Or are you doing everything right, and still being watched like a hawk?

Try and figure out if the monitoring is standard practise. If it’s not, and you genuinely have no idea why you’ve been targeted – talk to your boss. I know, radical move, but it just might help ease the situation.

3.     Problem: Having to stay awake

Solution: So, you work over 40 hours a week, sleep less than 6 hours a day, and need at least two coffees before your brain starts to function. And I’m sure all that dull work and bland office design interior doesn’t help you stay awake either.

First things first, leave work on time. If you get paid for 37 hours a week, work 37 hours a week – after all, all that overtime isn’t going to make a damn bit of difference if you’re functioning at half the rate of a well-rested person. Secondly, sleep at night. Turn off your phone and computer at 10pm, and chill out before you get into bed.

If you still find yourself dropping off at work, go for a stroll, whether it’s outside or just around the office, whenever you can feel your eyelids drooping. Or, y’know, go see a doctor.

What’s your personal office hell? Have you found a way to conquer it?

About The Author:

James Duval is a self proclaimed geek with special skills in IT, social media, gaming and business. He rides his motorcycle at weekends and attends business conferences around the country to keep up to date. He currently writes for Interaction UK.

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This post was written by A Guest Author

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