5 Awesome Job Interview Tips

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For many job hunters, the job interview can be the most intimidating part of the process. Sitting down with the person who may have your employment fate in their hands can be scary, but it doesn't need to be if you take advantage of five steps to an awesome job interview.

1. Be Prepared.

Knowing information about the job and the company you are discussing will help you feel confident answering most of the questions you are likely to face. If you understand what the position and firm is, then you can highlight key points in your knowledge, skills and experiences that demonstrate how you will be the ideal fit for the job. While past research might have included trying out a product or discussing the company with an employee, in this age of instant Internet information, many employers will have information available on-line. Take some time to get to know what the company has to offer and what news might be available to help you understand what they want or need in an employee.

2. Give Thought to What the Interviewer and Company Want

"Why did you apply to our firm?" should never elicit the response, "Because I need a job." Describe honestly how you think you can help the company succeed at what they do and how you will be a good fit into their team. The interviewer needs someone that will be successful for them, they don't need to give you a job. Pay attention to how the interview goes because you do have to keep in mind what you need in a job; you don't have to tell them what that is!

3. Relax and be Friendly...to Everyone

You can't have too many supporters in a job interview situation, and you never know for sure who is going to have input into the hiring decision. An HR rep or a supervisor might not seek out the receptionist's opinion on who to hire, but they might. Or, if you are rude, the receptionist might pass the word back about you treated them. Keep in mind, too, that some employers are either casual or small enough that the person greeting you might be the same one interviewing you later. Why take the chance, when courtesy and friendliness can only help?

4. Cell Phones are Not Your Friend in an Interview

Turn off your phone and any other electronic devices that may make sounds during your interview. For that period of time, the world needs to be the interview room, the interviewer and you. No one likes being interrupted by a phone ringing, and now that phones don't ring but rather announce your musical interests or sense of humor, the odds of hurting your job chances are much higher than helping when the interview grinds to a halt. Even if it is just for an alarm, fumbling through pockets or purse to quell the sound is a nerve-wracking distraction for everyone.

5. "Thank You" means a lot

Make sure you know who you have met with in the interview, if possible get a business card for each person. If they don't have one, write the names down. Not only will this help you address the interviewer by their name during the interview, it helps you address your thank you note to the interviewer later. That's right, you are sending a note to thank them for their time to meet with you. Very few people send a thank you note anymore, and the practice gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. So, at the end of the interview, thank them in person and when you get home, thank them again in writing, preferably by traditional mail.

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June Baker is a HR manager and guest author at Human Resources MBA, a site with guides and information to help prospective students choose a school for a human resources MBA.

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