5 Benefits of Attending Community College

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Attending Community College

For a long time the thought of attending community college was one that was frowned upon, and many people believed that the only people who attended community colleges were those who slacked off in high school and couldn’t get into a good four-year college immediately after graduation.

However, this stigma around community colleges is slowly dissipating (since students can go from community college to Ivy League), and more and more people are beginning to recognize the benefits that attending a community college can offer to students, whether they did well in high school or not.

Some of the advantages that community colleges can offer students are:

1.     Allows students to live at home and save on housing. Housing at universities, whether it’s a campus dorm room or an off-campus apartment, isn’t known for being cheap. For students who are unable to balance the cost of both attending school and living on or near their college campus, attending a community college can give them a financial break by allowing them to live at home while still pursuing a college degree. By staying at home during the two or more years that students attend a community college, students are able to work part-time and save up extra money, which can then offset the cost of living if and when they do decide to go to a four-year college.

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2.     Gives students more time to figure out what they want to major in.Not everyone knows inherently what it is they want to do with their life when they graduate from high school, and it takes some people several years to pinpoint exactly what their career interests are. Having a two-year buffer at a community college to knock out basic classes can give students the extra time they need to figure out what they want their ultimate career path to be, so that when they do move onto a four-year university they are much better equipped to pick their major.

3.     Cheaper than attending a four-year university. Four-year universities can come with a hefty price tag attached, and not everyone is able to afford these high costs. Community colleges are typically much cheaper than their four-year counterparts, which can help students who are financially strapped still attend classes and receive a quality education, without breaking the bank.

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 4.     Provides students an opportunity to bolster up their GPA. Not everyone realizes the importance of maintaining a good GPA throughout high school, which can come back to haunt students when they start applying to colleges. For students whose GPA isn’t high enough to get into a good university, community college can give them a chance to boost their GPA before attempting to get into a good college.

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5.     Helps students who need a more intimate learning environment. The sheer size of college classrooms can be intimidating and overwhelming for students who need a more one-on-one approach to learning. The classes at community colleges are usually much smaller than those at four-year universities, making the teachers much more accessible when students need help and the learning environment much more intimate.

Community colleges offer students a variety of benefits, allowing students to save money, figure out what they want to pursue, obtain an education without a high price tag, boost an otherwise lagging GPA, and learn in a more intimate classroom setting. Not everyone is cut out for attending a four-year college immediately after graduating from high school, and attending a community college can offer the perfect solution, allowing students to still attend school without going off to a university right away.

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