5 Benefits of Hiring a Tutor Before Community College

by A Guest Author

If your child is having trouble in school or if they need extra help on certain subjects, you may wonder if you should hire a tutor to help your child understand their lessons and tasks. Having a tutor is a great way to give your child the extra educational means to help them get by, but tutors don't just help improve your child's grades. Tutors can actually benefit your child in more ways than you thought possible.

1. Tutors allow your child to learn without distraction.

When your child is in class, they may lose interest in  the teacher and start focusing on their friends or another noise. And when your child becomes distracted, their performance decreases. With a tutor, your child is receiving individual attention, and the tutor will be paying constant attention to your child, not letting he or she become distracted by the small things. This push to stay focused will help your child improve.

2. Tutors can provide help on the right topics.

If your child has a difficult time with one subject, it doesn't mean that they're having a difficult time with all subjects. Tutors will help your child in the areas that they need improvement by teaching those lessons and focusing on those topics. This way, all of their extra help is being placed on the items that need help and not on those that your child already understands.

3. Tutors can be hand picked.

You have the ability to choose the tutor for your child, so you can make sure that the tutor you choose is talented in the subjects your child needs help with and can also teach in the stylings that your child learns best with. Even the smartest tutor won't be able to help your child if their stylings don't accommodate the needs of your child, so make sure to take your time and interview multiple options before making your final decision. Plus, it’s a good idea to have your child involved in the hiring process, as they’ll be the one who spends the most time with the tutor.


4. Tutors can improve confidence.

When a child is having difficulty with a topic, it will decrease their self confidence. This confidence will not come back until your child starts having a better understanding of the subject. When your child understands lessons and answers questions correctly, it gives them a great big boost of confidence that can expand into other areas of their life.

5. Tutors allow your child to ask questions.

Children who don't understand a topic may fall further behind because they don't want to ask questions in front of other students. They then keep to themselves and continue to fall further behind until it's almost too late.

With a tutor, there is nobody else in the room besides your child and the tutor, so your child can ask any questions without feeling embarrassed. Having these questions answered, even if they're basic questions, will greatly improve your child's understanding of the topic.

So along with watching your child's grades improve, tutors can help your child succeed in different ways, from boosting confidence to giving them the best personalized attention to help teach to your child's needs and give them the best possible comprehension of the topic.

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Henry Collins is a teacher and private tutor.  He enjoys teaching subjects like math, english and robotics. Currently he is using a prototype military robot that provides assistance with small tasks.

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