5 Great Websites for College Students

by A Guest Author

When it comes time to attending college, you will find yourself scouring the Internet for multiple reasons. You may need to do some research for class or you may be wasting time until your next class starts.

Whether you're scouring the Internet for fun or for education, the following are five websites that ever college student needs to visit.

1. Rate My Professors

Students should be allowed to rate the teachings of their professors and make it known to future students and school faculty. RateMyProfessors allows that to happen. With a database of professors at over 7,500 schools, Rate My Professors contains millions of comments and ratings.

Whether a student wants to rave about a professor or warn future students about the harsh grading of another professor, it's a free website that any student can use to either create their own ratings or learn what others have to say.

And now, students are even able to rate their schools. This is a great way to tell future students what you love and hate about your school, from class sizes to parties and everything in between.

2. Student Loan Calculator

Most college students today need the help of a student loan in order to pay for college. If you're trying to determine your future payments or find out how much it would cost to attend a different school, StudentLoanCalculator is a great resource.

If you are paying your student loans while in school, you can use the site to see how much you've already paid and how much more you have yet to pay. You can even use the site to find savings tips, information on grants and a wealth of other knowledge.

3. Text Swap

Textbooks can be expensive, so rather than buy them from the school bookstore or online websites, why not trade them with other students? TextSwap allows you to find other students in your area who are either searching for your textbook or who have a book that you want. This site is a great way to get your textbooks for free while also helping out other broke college students get the books they need.

4. RefDesk

When it comes time to doing research, you can be bombarded with information from the Internet. Since there is so much information, you may find that one website contradicts another website. This is where RefDesk comes in. Use this website to check all of your facts to determine which is right. This site searches millions of reference materials in order to provide the most accurate answer, which is a great way to ensure that your research papers aren't filled with lies.

5. Facebook

There's a reason why the site has millions of users. College is the time to be social, and one of the best ways to be social and stay on top of college activities is to be on Facebook. Not only can you use the site to stay connected with friends, but you can also join groups that relate to certain classes in order to help your education.

So whether you want to write great research papers or rate your professors, these are five great websites that every college student should use.

About The Author:

Jack Carter is a college student and avid writer.  He is currently working on an essay on A Thousand Splendid Suns.  In his spare time, Jack loves to read, blog, and hang out with friends.

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