5 Most Common Reasons People Lose Their Jobs

by A Guest Author

Workers can lose their jobs for many different reasons, usually directly connected to their own personal performance. Employees who can avoid common pitfalls on the job have a higher chance of keeping their jobs. This article highlights the five most common reasons why people lose their jobs.


Honesty plays a big role in both the hiring and firing process. Some prospective employees include blatant untruths on their resume to help them get a job. Although these lies sometimes go undetected after the hiring process, some employers will dig into an employee's past and discover these untruths. Employers will not hesitate to fire a dishonest worker, regardless of how wonderful the employee is.

Some workers struggle with honesty and integrity after they get the job. These workers may habitually lie about why they were tardy or why they missed work one day. They may even spread malicious lies and rumors about other employees. Workers who frequently misrepresent the truth may find themselves quickly heading to unemployment.

Performance Inconsistency

Many workers lose their jobs due to their own poor performance on the job. These workers typically show little initiative or interest in going beyond their job description. Lazy workers need frequent reminders from supervisors to get anything done on time. Even after a reminder, these employees struggle to follow directions. When a big deadline looms ahead, idle workers are completely unable to get anything done. Indifferent employees are not worth the cost to the company.

Inability to Work as a Team

Although many people dislike working on team projects, they are able to overcome the difficulty when it means getting a paycheck. Individuals who are unable to put their personal differences aside are a liability to the company. Workers who cannot work on a team are frequently divisive and do not get along with their fellow employees, even in a casual setting. They may engage in frequent office gossip and politics, creating a negative atmosphere in the workplace. This disruption can cause the company valuable time and resources.

Misuse of the Company's Resources

Some individuals take advantage of their employer by misusing company resources, including time and tangible goods. These individuals may take office goods, including printer paper, envelops, pens and other items. Many of these same workers waste company time by pursuing personal interests while at work. With the spread of the Internet, more and more employees are getting distracted by the lure of online games, social networks and weblogs. Even if an employer has instituted restrictions on Internet use, workers can get around any limits by using their own mobile devices.

Late Or Absent

Some employees are habitually late to work and important meetings. Most employers understand the occasional tardiness, but regular lateness reflects poorly on a worker. A worker's frequent tardiness indicates to an employer that the employee is not interested in showing up to work. Some employees take it even further by misusing their sick leave for days when they aren't actually sick. These lies can come out and put the employee's job at risk.

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Dale is an Recruitment Manager from Brisbane, Australia. He has found these to be the most common reasons that people lose their jobs but some people are just unlucky and made redundant. Dale recommends income protection insurance for the unfortunate event that you unexpectedly lose your job.

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