The 5 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

by A Guest Author

Some jobs are inherently dangerous, no matter what precautions are taken. Researchers have examined various professions to determine which are the most hazardous. Here are the five most dangerous jobs in the world.


Just about everyone will be familiar with the recent disaster that saw a number of Chilean miners trapped underground. If you watched this story unfold on the news you will not be surprised that being a miner can be extremely dangerous. While this profession is, of course, not as widespread as it once was in the UK, it still entails enough dangers to make it a highly dangerous way to make a living.


With the ever-present potential for snaking across busy roads, falling asleep at the wheel and encountering the most hazardous of driving terrains, truck drivers have one of the most high-risk jobs on the planet. While they may be a special breed, no amount of grit and muscle can protect them from the possibility of tragic accidents, which unfortunately continue to happen on a daily basis.


As it involves the use of highly dangerous equipment such as logging machines and chain saws, logging - although more familiar in countries such as the U.S. - easily makes it into the list of the top five most dangerous jobs in the world. As loggers simultaneously attempt to grapple with this equipment and deal with the massive weight of rolling, sliding or falling trees, accidents are always likely to happen. And they often do, especially when unstable terrain or hazardous weather conditions become factors. The figures show that most deaths happen from July through to October.

Fire Fighting

No one is going to be surprised to find this profession on the list. However, you may not know just how many different dangers this notoriously hazardous job entails. Of course, first and foremost there is the fire itself, which tends to be the cause of most injuries. But there is also the smoke, which even with all safety equipment in place can be lethal. Then there is the issue of falling debris, which more often than not doesn't cause fatalities but does result in some serious injuries. Finally, falling through the floor or roof is unfortunately a very common occurrence for fire fighters as a fire can weakens these structures.


While generally regarded as a peaceful pastime, fishing and crab fishing in particular - is officially the job that has the highest mortality rate in the world. In fact, it has been estimated that out of every 100,000 fishermen who brave the Alaskan waters, more than three hundred will lose their lives. This is the main reason why crab meat tends to be so expensive. More often than not, it is the freezing waters in which crabs tend to flourish that is responsible for the greatest number of fatalities as hypothermia kills those who have escaped drowning. However, the heavy equipment involved also plays a role as it often collapses under too heavy a weight.

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