5 Must-Have Web Tools for Job Searchers

by Ms. Stephanie Faris

It’s an all new world for job searchers, who have thousands of apps and websites at their disposal. With so many tools, however, a job seeker can feel overwhelmed. Here are five applications that can help you as you begin your job search.

Pongo Résumé

The first step to finding a job is creating a résumé that stands out. Pongo allows you to create professional-looking résumés by providing templates, helpful articles, and more. For a fee of $119-$245 (depending on your level of work experience), an expert can compile your résumé for you. Pongo also helps with cover letters and interview advice.


Consider it social networking for the employment world. BranchOut uses the connections you have to help you locate career opportunities in your field. Since many jobs are filled by referral, this site circumvents the job ad system to help you network your way to the job of your dreams. BranchOut also acts as a career service, allowing employers to post jobs and search member profiles for job candidates.


Daunted by the software requirements in many of today’s job ads? Lynda.com provides more than 1,200 videos on everything from Microsoft Word to .NET programming. For a monthly subscription of $25, you can learn that specialized software and add it to your skills on your résumé.


Instead of searching every job site, as well as your local classifieds, this site attempts to group it all in one place, creating one-stop shopping for job searchers. Be careful, though. You may find that if you limit your search completely to InDeed, you miss out on some jobs listed on the other sites. The site doesn’t include every single job listing.

Career Path

Remember those career personality tests we took in school? Career Path gathers information on you through a series of questions and comes back with a recommended career path for you. What you’ll get after a thorough assessment is a thirty-three-page report detailing your skills and how those can best be applied to long-term success in your career. The report is not free—the site charges $8.50 for its three personality reports. This is one of many tools like this available.

Whether you’re between jobs, starting out in your career, or interested in a career change, the web features many tools to help you with your job search. These five applications are just a small sampling of the information you can find through just a few mouse clicks.

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This post was written by Ms. Stephanie Faris

Stephanie Faris writes for Masters in Accounting, a career resource for individuals who are interested in entering the accounting profession or exploring an advanced accounting degree

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