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As a college student, you probably get plenty of advice on how to study and prepare for tests. You hear over and over again that you need to focus, review materials and participate in study groups. But what about the basic question of where to study? Not as much advice is given in this area, but it's just as important as those other factors when it comes to acing your classes.

Where you study can make a big difference on how well you perform in your classes. Everyone has their own style, and not all of these places will work for you, but, try a few out and see if you dig it.

In Your Bedroom

Whether you live in a dorm or at home, your bedroom can be a great place to study. If you need peace and quiet, hit the books when your roommates aren't around. You can make your bedroom even more ideal by setting up a desk and chair so you can focus on your studies.

At the Park

Yes, you can take your books to the park! This approach won't work for everyone, but if you are the type that can work while things are happening around you, the park might be the spot for you. You can enjoy  some fresh air and sunshine will still getting that history reading done.

In a Restaurant

Similar to a park, you have to be able to work regardless of what is going on around you to make studying in a restaurant work. Look for a small cafe or even cafeteria-style restaurant and set up your laptop. It's polite to order something, even if it's just a drink, if you are using a table at a restaurant.

In a Hammock

You don't have to go far from home to get some fresh air. If your surroundings allow for it, set up a hammock outside your dorm and kick back to study. This is great if you are doing some reading or reviewing, but doesn't work quite as well if you have a research paper to write.

Commons Area

Studying on campus has its perks. It means you'll be close to all kinds of resources that can help you get your homework done, and often times, there are less distractions on campus. If you are bored with the library, try the student center or really any low-traffic area in a campus building.

If you are studied out, try these new study spots. Mixing things up can be just thing your mind needs to get refreshed and refocused on the task at hand.

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