5 Tips For Going From Community College To Ivy League

by A Guest Author

Ivy-League-campusHaving the chance to transfer from community college to Ivy League has given hundreds of students an incredible opportunity to earn the best education available without going straight from high school to an Ivy League university. Transferring to Ivy League universities gives any transfer student access to a top quality education and resources that will help them thrive after graduation.

Community college transfer to Ivy League is a challenging route, but also a very rewarding and rich experience for those who are ready and willing to put in the work to succeed.

The competition for Ivy League acceptance is tremendous, so it's important to know what you're doing. There are certain actions you should take to increase your chances of enrolling in these world class institutions. So, here are 5 wise suggestions that can help you meet your purpose.

Let’s take a look:

Think twice before choosing to transfer to Ivy League

You must be clear as to why you should select Ivy League for career enrichment. Well, if you think that you just need to prove your merit to others, it might be indeed be much more trouble than it's worth. If that's not the case and you're genuinely interested in the course materials, career paths, rather the financial savings this opportunity offers, aiming for transfer from community college to Ivy League will be a good decision. Knowing why you want to transfer from community college to Ivy League is the first step.

Enroll in an advanced courses in community college

Since the Ivy League universities are quite stringent in terms of admitting students, you need to do something to stand out of the crowd (like become the top student at community college). Or you can do extensive research and find out all the crucial criteria of your college. Once done, you can enroll in an advanced course, convincing your admission officers that you are capable of more than your Ivy League university requires.

Try to remain among 10 best students

Whatever subject you take up for graduation, make sure that you stand in the list of the top ten students in your class. Remember, the Ivy League board members will always prefer to choose someone who is much more passionate than a mere valedictorian so don't worry to much about being #1, just focus on having the best GPA you can.

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Do volunteer

If you have been making contributions to your community and looking after the well-being of others, you might have big chances to transfer from community college to Ivy League universities. In order to do this, you are not required to take volunteer jobs. Instead, you can get involved in a number of activities, either on campus or off campus, like teaching kids, serving at a animal rescue center, working in a health center etc. This will certainly show that you are capable of handling matured jobs and contributing to society.

Prepare for the SAT

While you are preparing for SAT, try to take practice tests side by side. This will not only help you get familiarized with the test format but you will also be able to pinpoint your weaknesses which will help you prepare well and qualify for Ivy League. If you have already taken your SAT's before going to community college and it was not above a 2100/2400, you may want to consider retaking them.

These 5 tips will help you on your way to going from community college to Ivy League. Be sure to work hard and try your best, the rest will work itself out.

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