6 Facebook Mistakes to Avoid While in College

by A Guest Author

Using Facebook in CollegeIf you’re in college, there’s a pretty good chance that you have a Facebook account.

Using Facebook in college is a great way to stay connected with your friends, learn about school and non-school events, join groups that interest you and even to find a job or internship.

But you have to be careful with how you use Facebook while in college, as there are certain mistakes you can make that can not only impact your social life, but could also have a negative impact on your education or career goals.

If you’re using Facebook while in college, don’t make any of the following mistakes.

1. Don’t post inappropriate pictures.

So you’re out enjoying yourself and you’re indulging in some borderline inappropriate (and possibly illegal) activities.

While you can have all the fun you want, you need to keep it off of Facebook.

If you’re only 18 and you’re posting pictures of yourself getting drunk or using illegal drugs, it could end up being seen by campus administration and they can use it to expel you.

If you’re really unlucky, it could even be used as evidence to charge you with underage drinking.

2. Don’t forget that your posts are public.

Every status update that you make can be seen by your friends, and depending on your privacy settings, their friends and even the general public.

For this reason, you need to watch what you post as a status update.

Using Facebook to talk about how you hate certain people or want to harm someone can be seen by others, and if this information is seen by campus administration, you could find yourself suspended or even expelled.

3. Don’t have an easy password.

If your Facebook account is hacked while you’re at school, you’re giving a stranger easy access to personal information and allowing them to pretend to be you.

They can write inappropriate status updates, post inappropriate pictures or even set your account up to receive and send spam.

Make sure that you’re taking the necessary precautions and using a strong and secure password.

4. Don’t leave your account logged in.

Some students keep their Facebook accounts logged in on their computers to make it more easily accessible.

While it saves you a few milliseconds, this means that anyone with access to your computer can also access your account and do all the same things that a hacker could do, just without having to hack.

5. Don’t be sleazy.

College is a time for you to express your sexuality, but using Facebook to talk about your sexual encounters or what kinky stuff you’re into is not appropriate.

Not only does it make you look sleazy, but it could give people the wrong idea about you.

6. Don’t post while you’re drunk.

If you have been overserved, don’t take this intoxication to Facebook.

Your judgement is off, and what seems like a funny post or a good idea while inebriated could end up backfiring on your sober morning.

You may have shared too much personal information or hurt someone else’s feelings. And even if you delete the post, the damage has already been done.

Using Facebook in college can be beneficial, but you need to make sure that you’re making smart choices and using it in an appropriate way.

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This post was written by A Guest Author

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