6 Ways to Get a Scholarship for College

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With college tuition prices rising year after year, it is becoming increasingly challenging for students and their parents to afford higher education. If you want to attend college but are concerned about the costs, remember that there are plenty of alternative ways to pay for your tuition. Student loans and work study programs are two great ways to help pay for college. Perhaps the best way to afford your tuition is through a college scholarship. Here are six tips to help you get a college scholarship.

1. Contact Local Organizations and Groups

Although the most publicized scholarship funds are often the ones students apply for most often, it is important to realize that these scholarships are highly competitive and are being pursued by students from around the country. Look to local organizations, businesses and even the employers of your parents to find less competitive scholarships that you may be eligible for.

2. Start Searching As Early as Possible

Even if you haven't made up your mind about a major or what school you want to attend for college, you can still begin applying for scholarships. Many scholarships require submission months in advance of the school year and have strict deadlines. Start searching early for college scholarships to ensure that you don't miss out on any great opportunities.

3. Contact the Scholarship Committee Personally

After sending in your scholarship application, contact the scholarship committee in a friendly and casual way. You might call the main office and confirm that your application got accepted, or you might even send an email to thank the committee for the opportunity to apply. This small gesture can help you to stay in the minds of the scholarship judges and shows how much you truly want the scholarship.

4. Maintain Your Grades in High School

Perhaps the single most important way to ensure that you get a college scholarship is by earning good grades in high school. Even those who don't love studying or who don't think they could get straight A's should do their best to avoid failing grades in any classes. This will allow them to be eligible for a greater number of athletic, need and financial based scholarships.

5. Hone Your Talents

If you have a skill or talent in one particular area, spend time in your high school career honing that skill. Whether you play the trombone, act in a theater group or play basketball, there are college scholarships available that target specifics students, athletes and performers.

6. Participate in Community Service Projects

Many college scholarships require more than just good grades or athleticism. Some also require you to be actively participating in some kind of community service project. Join a volunteer organization in high school or seek out ways to be helpful in your community so that you can be eligible for a greater number of college scholarships.

Although college can be expensive, scholarships can help. These tips will help students to find scholarships that cover part or even all of their tuition costs.

Shelbie Smith writes full-time for education blogs nationwide. She writes for www.christianbiblecolleges.org where you can find out more about becoming christian business leaders.

This post was written by A Guest

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