How A Good Planner Helps your Child Succeed

by A Guest Author

A student is a learner, no matter what age, and how a good planner helps students can make a huge difference in the way in which that student learns any subject. Learning is a lifelong process that needs a very solid foundation to be successful. Everyone will learn at his own pace, yet students need help because there is so much to do in one school day and they must keep up somehow.

In fact, kindergarten children, getting up, sometimes at 6-7 a.m., to go to school tire out after a few hours up and running, not to mention adult students finding need for more energy. Also, non-traditional students are loaded down with what seems to be an unreasonable amount of material to take in, but for that 5 year old, it feels the same. Learning can make one tire out after much brain work, especially if the student does not plan ahead so he can relax in knowing what comes next. Of course, he must also eat a varied, healthy diet for his brain, bones and body.

In addition, the parent needs to take responsibility to teach his child to organize and plan by setting the example. What a parent's attitude is will influence what the child's attitude will become. If parents run around frazzled all the time, late for appointments, forgetting to pick up dinner, talking on the phone while in the middle of time with little one, irritable, yelling, snapping orders and other matters such as this, the child is going to need some sense of stability, direction, guidance, calm and organization. How a good planner helps students goes beyond just writing lessons down.

Fortunately, there are many types of planners on the market for students to organize their time. A planner can be as simple as using a calendar, marking notes on it. Or one can make a created planner, as long as there is a calendar and notebook paper in which to record notes, activities and other important info. For youths, the planners can be used with bright colored markers and stickers. Grouping different items, drawing and coloring are favorites for grade school children.

That having been said, if there are learning disabilities present in either children or adult students, planners will be a great gift and help for their education and peace of mind. It is with less stress that these students can benefit from one of the simplest of tools.

Furthermore, if tasks are broken down into smaller parts, it is much more manageable for one with a learning disability. Using pictures may help organize folders even more. The teacher can send notes home to be signed and placed into a folder of the planner, or a special place can be marked when the parent has read the planner and helped the student mark off a checklist. Ask the student what he can do to improve his planner.

Be that as it may, school is a demanding, commanding structured environment. This is true for any grade or age. There is so much to learn in just one day at school. One had better have a planner or he will truly be lost. How will he keep up with what time each class starts? How can he remember what day it was his dental appointment was? Which week coming up is vacation? The best benefit of having a planner is being able to plan one's own personal business.

Likewise, a planner teaches a lifespan attainment that a child will have forever. It also helps students chill out and not feel so overcome with information. This will keep him from procrastinating so much, adding productiveness to his life. Gee, a planner can do all that and so much more. It is not hard to see how a good planner helps Students.

In a word, one must get used to his planner by using it daily. Make it a habit and not a day will be forgotten. Children can be given positive support, but if one forgets, just let him plan in his planner what to remember. Share planners with kids and other students. New ideas cannot be grafted onto a closed mind, so open up.

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Pete Wise is a White-Hat SEO Jedi working with Action Agendas, whom create custom planners for students to use at school. Go to their website to see pricing and options for your student planner needs!

This post was written by A Guest Author

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