Masters of Arts in Teaching: Why Pursue After Community College Transfer Success

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A Master's of Art in Teaching:  What to Expect and Why This Degree is So Important

Despite America's ongoing recession, several districts and states are actively seeking qualified, passionate teachers to prepare present and future generations of children. As a teacher, you may feel stymied in your current career and looking for a way to challenge yourself, earn a more impressive salary or explore your options in higher education.

After transferring from community college to university successfully and getting your bachelors degree, earning your master of art in teaching is the most effective way to further your career, specialize within the field and most importantly, make yourself more attractive to future employers.

Why Earn a Master of Arts in Teaching?

For many busy professionals, the mere thought of heading back into the classroom as a student is a frightening prospect. This is an unfortunate viewpoint, because the benefits of earning your Master of Arts in Teaching greatly outweigh the negatives. Here are a few of the reasons why obtaining your MAT is a wise investment:

  • Increased Pay – Teachers with an MAT command a larger salary, but the amount is dependent on several factors. On average, this advanced degree will allow you to garner anywhere from an additional $4,000 to $7,000, and beyond, each year. As you progress in your studies beyond an MAT, this figure grows substantially.
  • Focus on a Passion – Many teachers fall into a niche; it's not always their first choice or passion. Specializing through earning your MAT allows you to teach more advanced courses and concentrate on a subject you find truly fascinating.
  • Get Involved – As a school's curriculum evolves, and budgets are slashed, more teachers are falling victim to their lack of involvement. The clout associated with an advanced degree allows you to actively participate in curriculum planning, while you act as a mentor to your colleagues.
  • Room for Growth – Put simply:  earning your MAT can make you a better teacher. If you have no plans on switching fields, it's integral to provide yourself with a leg up on the competition, especially as opportunities for advancement arise as your career progresses.

What to Expect in the Classroom

There are a myriad of MAT programs, each with its own requirements for admittance. Some require prospective students hold a Bachelor's, while others admit students with a certain amount of professional experience. Whatever the case, you can expect to spend the next two to five years in the classroom and performing research on your own. The workload, particularly the reading, is intense and will continue to challenge you throughout the course. As you progress in your studies, you'll be expected to narrow your focus and concentrate on a single subject.

Is Online Education a Good Fit?

No matter if you've been teaching for three months or 30 years, the responsibilities of an educator doesn't leave much time for a social life, let alone devoting several hours to a traditional classroom education. This is why so many are discovering the benefits of an online education, but be warned this road is not for everyone. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before choosing online education:

  • Am I Comfortable Working at the Computer and on the Internet?  The majority of your study is spent either following classroom discussions or reading material online. If you're not comfortable with this type of learning, online education probably isn't right for you.
  • Am I Organized? By definition, the majority of teachers are studious and organized. If you color code everything, and believe a planned life is the pathway to success, then online education is a good fit.
  • Do I Require Face-to-Face Interaction? For many students, there's nothing more stimulating than a lively classroom discussion. If up close and personal interactions with your classmates and instructor is important, reconsider earning your MAT through an online university.
  • Am I Self-Motivated? By far, the greatest asset any successful online student can possess is self-motivation. If you're able to remain focused and don't require the constant assistance of an instructor, online education is definitely an option.

Online education is a practical choice for many students. No matter if you're earning your MAT, MBA or RN to BSN online, this innovative instructional method can help you achieve success without completely rearranging your work and personal life.

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Sherri Hill is a teacher with 15 years’ experience and is currently seeking her online MAT.

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