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by A Guest Author

It seems like every day that we turn on the news, there are all kinds of discouraging reports about the economy and job outlook. No industry has been left untouched by the economic collapse and many state and local governments have reacted by trimming budgets wherever possible.

Those who work in human services careers, especially those funded by the government, have been especially worried. As agencies have had to scale back in mass on services thanks to budget cuts, many employees have been rightfully concerned for their jobs. And for those entering college and considering a degree in human services, the availability of jobs is a concern.

The good news is that human services professionals have very little to worry about. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, opportunities in all areas of human services are predicted to grow at a faster than average rate over the next few years. In other words, the jobs of today should stick around and plenty of new opportunities will appear, soon, on the horizon.

Reasons for Job Growth

There are several reasons for the expected growth in human services positions, but the biggest reason? We’re getting older, frankly. That’s right:  America’s population is aging and as the Baby Boomer generation begins to retire, there will be increased demand for services geared toward the elderly. Another area that’s seeing growth is alcohol and drug rehabilitation; services for those with substance abuse problems, from counseling to re-entry programs, will see increased demand and need for qualified individuals.

What to Expect

While there will be jobs to be had in the human services field, the budget cuts that agencies face may mean that employees are expected to do more with less. This might include limited resources, higher caseloads and fewer opportunities for advancement or to earn more money. However, professionals can overcome some of these drawbacks by seeking an advanced degree in human services or a related field to build their skills and knowledge base to become indispensable to their organization.

Looking outside of government agencies can also improve the chances of landing a good job. Many private organizations and nonprofits seek human services professionals to serve as case managers, counselors and aides. For example:  in many communities, home health aide organizations hire human services aides and assistants to make home visits with elderly or disabled clients and perform assessments or provide services.


One of the best things about seeking a career in human services is the variety of job opportunities that it opens up. While working in local human services departments is probably the image that comes to mind for many people when they think of human services careers, there is an extensive range of other options in this exciting field.

For example:

Elder care: Working in hospitals, nursing homes, adult day centers and homes to provide support and assistance to the aged, helping them to stay independent in their golden years.

Vocational Assistance: Even in times when the economy is strong, some people need assistance in determining a career path. Human services professionals can work in career centers to help workers find jobs, determine their career path and find opportunities to build their skills.

Youth Work: There’s no question that it’s hard to be a young person in today’s world. Human services professionals can serve as youth workers, working with troubled young people to help them make positive changes in their lives and grow into both happy and productive adults.

Family Services: Some families need extra assistance navigating the complexities of family life. Human services workers can work through a variety of agencies, helping families of all types access services and resources, build skills and strategies to cope with daily life and thrive.

There are many other career paths to choose from, depending on your interests and passions, that can be satisfying – and secure – positions.

While no one can predict the future, it is safe to say that human services careers are here to stay. As long as there are humans who need assistance, there will be a need for other humans to provide that assistance. If you have a passion for helping others, do not let news reports scare you away – there is a place for you in the human services field.

This guest post article was written and provided by Amanda Connely. Amanda finished her Bachelor’s degree this last fall. She is now continuing her education by pursuing a Master’s degree in human services.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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