Attending Community College is Nothing Like NBC’s Community And That’s Good

by Chad Agrawal

Attending Community College is Nothing Like NBC's Community And That's GoodCommunity college tends to have a bad reputation. Even NBC created a sitcom chronicling every negative stereotype people think of when the words “community” and “college” are put together. However, attending community college might be the wisest decision you will ever make.

Admission counselors at 4-year colleges are inundated with thousands of applicants from high school seniors who have similar characteristics, essays, and SAT scores. It is difficult to make your application stand out and, in many cases, students will be rejected. Instead, students should consider a different option—community college with a transfer to a 4-year college whether that is in pursuit of a bachelors in business temecula, an ivy-league institution, or an international university with your dream program.

Community college allows for students to smoothly transition from high school or work. Most students attending community college are local and the necessity of not having to commute or take out student loans is appealing. Because of this, students can take their GE requirements and seamlessly transfer to a 4-year college.

How to Get From Community College to Your University

Community college, as is any other college, is filled with unmotivated students who are not particularly interested in their classes. It is imperative, if you are serious about transferring out of community college, that you are motivated and have a clear plan ahead of you.

If you do not know where you want to transfer, begin visiting colleges and researching what programs different schools have that interest you.

It is never too early to work with a future school and determine what classes will in fact transfer as credit to a 4-year college. The biggest setback you could have as a transfer student is having taken classes that do not transfer. Talk to your community college advisor and work with them on the steps you need to make the most out of your time at community college for a successful transfer.

Research transferring. Online articles and friends or co-workers who have been through the process can aid in your transition.

How to Succeed in Community College for Transfer Success

Once you have your plan and are in communication with your advisor, focus on your studies. Just because you are attending college does not mean that you can take a disinterested approach to your classes.

As a transfer, colleges are now looking at your success at your previous school. Your grades do matter.

Communicate with your professors. If you have questions, go to their office hours. If you are not doing well on your papers, discuss with them areas for improvement. Be in contact with them because they will be a source for recommendation letters.

Retake your SATs if you did not score well on them the first time. Not only is this giving you a better shot at standing out, you are also showing your work ethic by your improvement.

By having a focused goal and a dedicated work ethic, community college can be a great tool toward your Bachelor’s degree.

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This post was written by Chad Agrawal

Chad Agrawal is the founder of CCTS, helping students transfer from community college to Ivy League, tier 1 or anywhere else by following this community college guide.

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