Avoiding Roommate Contention

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No matter what school you attend, where you live or how old you are, roommate contention is nearly unavoidable. The last way to deal with this problem is to be passive aggressive. But, there are a few ways you can avoid contention, so that all the little things don't turn into petty fights.

Be Open

If you and your roommates are always open to each other, there will be few surprises. When you plan on having friends over, let your roommates know. Or, if you need to study for a final at home, give them a heads up. That way, when schedules clash it's less likely that tempers will too.

Be Considerate

Always remember that your apartment isn't just yours. It's yours and your roommates. They pay rent just like you do and therefore, have just as much ownership. Remember that you share creation things like the bathroom and the kitchen, and be considerate. Clean up after yourself and all your roommates equal use of the apartment.

Be Open

When everyone is trying their best to have open minds, there is little room for arguments. Of course, you can't control what kind of attitudes your roommates have, but you can control your own attitude. Be open minded, flexible and easy to work with, and there will be less temptation, and even reason, for contention.

Be Friendly

When you make a genuine effort to befriend your roommates, you'll find it's easier to get along. Ask your roommates how their day went and get involved in each others' lives. As you become closer friends, you will probably learn how to get along better. If not, you'll at least learn how to resolve contention, rather than just keeping it bottled up.

Be Humble

Don't always point fingers, but be willing to accept that it may be you who is in the wrong. When there is a disagreement, me less quick to place blame, and consider that you may have contributed to the problem. This attitude will get you far in your relationships and will also help solve problems between roommates faster.

Be Patient

Above all, be patient. Living with others will always present struggles, but if you can be patient with your roommates, contention won't bring as many arguments or stress. Realize that everyone is human, and in most cases, your roommates aren't intentionally trying to be rude.

Living with roommates is part of the college experience. It has its ups and downs, but with some patients and openness, you'll be less likely to have get into arguments with each other and more likely to from lasting relationships.

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