Back to School on a Budget

by A Guest Author

Going back to school in the fall is something we are all universally familiar with. Growing up we know what it means to us as kids - getting new clothes, new books and folders, and the end of summer - and getting older we know what it means to us as adults - figuring out how to buy all of these things for our kids and the end of a tiresome summer. It’s an unavoidable part of life that that we face as children, as young adults entering college, and as adults taking their little kid to school on the first day of kindergarten. Since it’s so unavoidable, how do you keep it from getting too expensive?

Back to School Sales

The key time for these sales continues from the middle of July to the end of September. Buy all of your markers, crayons, and little other things at places like Walmart and Target which are both two very back to school friendly places to try shopping. As for clothes on the other hand, shop wisely. Clothing sales begin in mid-July. Know that for the first couple months, the weather is going to be blistering and your kids are probably going to have non-stop hot day schedule. Don’t send them to school in scarves and jackets until you wake up with frost on the windshield of your car. As for college students, your back to school shopping is a little different. For first years, you really need to look for smart deals on filling up your dorm room. Make a list of everything you need and look out for important college sales. Target, again, is a great place to load up on the basic necessities. Look into places that include shipping - if you’re going away to school - and watch for catalogs for new college students. Aside from this you’ll need to keep savings in the back of your mind. When you get to college you’ll want to have a little bit of money on you for a rainy day or just when you and your friends want to go out. Look into spending the summer working. Save up and before you know it you’ll be headed down the street or across the country with a wallet full of money.

Be Sure to Reuse

From year to year you don’t have to buy a whole new load of things to go back to school with. Use backpacks and lunchboxes from years past. When buying textbooks, see if anyone would be willing to hand down their books. Make school clothes last more than just one year by going shopping more than just once in the year. Go shopping with the changing seasons during the Christmas, Spring, and Fall sales as well as the Summer next year you don’t have to worry about completely restocking your or your child’s wardrobe. Children however will grow so be sure to be frugal on their clothing during their transitional periods. Throughout elementary school and middle school is probably a bad time to buy them expensive gifts like shirts and pants, but as soon as they finish their last big growth spurt reward them for making it through such a rough time.

One final tip for going back to school is, realize it isn’t easy for anyone to go back to school. As a parent know that your kids will have a difficult time making the transition to spending their whole day at school in the beginning. Make it easier for them. Have several weeks of new outfits for them to go to school feeling clean, fresh, and confident, and pack them healthy exciting lunches to give them something to look forward to in their day. College students, realize how hard it will be for your parents when you’re gone and parents realize that your kids will get homesick. Students love care packages - just make sure they’re filled with cookies.

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This post was written by A Guest Author

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