Guidelines for Beginner Tumbling in Cheerleading

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Cheerleading is constantly increasing popularity as a sport, and it's also becoming more competitive.  Tumbling is utilized in cheerleading much more than it has been in the past. Tumbling is the gymnastics-inspired part of cheerleading. With more competition, the more likely it is for injuries to occur. With proper technique and safe surfaces the result of an injury is significantly lowered.  Here are some tips to keep in mind when teaching beginning tumbling to cheerleaders.

Knowing The Regulations

It's important to know the regulations in whichever program of cheerleading you are participating in. The rules vary from Pop Warner, high school, college and all-stars cheerleading. When tumbling in cheerleading, you are limited to what you can do compared to in gymnastics. Your rotations in cheerleading are limited for safety, and there are constant debate over taking this limitation away. These limitations are also a result of a lack of coaching experience which can raise your chances of injury. Along with rotational limitations, it's important to know you can't do tumbling over other people or under them. This is a safety issue that can involve them falling on you.

Proper Technique

In order to progress, you need to know the proper technique of the basic skills. Without these basic skills you can pose a risk to yourself, your coach and teammates. Having proper technique means that everything looks nice, whereas having improper form can look very sloppy. Also as a coach, it's important to know when a cheerleader can move forward with more advanced tumbling stunts. No matter how much one of your athletes may complain about not being able to try something new, you need to make sure they have proper technique first.

Tumbling Surfaces

You should always utilize a mat or spring floor when teaching tumbling. It's easier on the cheerleaders' bodies and it minimizes the risk for injury if they do fall. Some coaches don't have the access to these, but it's important to keep in mind that you can rent out a gymnastics or cheerleading facility that can offer your team what you need. Cheerleaders should never tumble on concrete surfaces or blacktop. If they have a skill that's solid they can tumble on a gym floor since it's built give to your body's movements. Field turf and flat grassy surfaces are also allowed, but it may be harder to tumble on. Although if the grass or turf is wet, tumbling should be out of the question to prevent any injuries.

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Jackie Ryan emphasizes the importance of safety inside and outside of the workplace. She coaches cheerleading and utilizes spring floors, and she uses anti fatigue mats for her company.

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