Best iPhone Apps for College Students Going After 4.0 GPAs

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iphone 5Smartphones and tablets are becoming more advanced (and cheaper) every year, making them a very practical solution for college transfer students needing a quick and mobile study session. While many applications are designed to entertain, many iPhone apps are available which enrich the learning experience. Read on to find out about some cool, and cheap, iPhone apps that can help bring your academics to the next level.

Wolfram Alpha

Dubbed as the "computational knowledge engine", Wolfram Alpha can solve most questions about math, history, chemistry, definitions, and just about anything. Thanks to the special algorithms it uses to browse thousands of domains for information, WA can provide reports and give answers quickly and efficiently. Its functionality extends beyond the learning environment, as you can even use it to look up dietary information, search for flight information, and look up gas prices. It may take a while to get the hang of asking Wolfram Alpha questions, but the app can be a major tool in writing essays and doing research. Wolfram Alpha can be downloaded from the ITunes store for only $2.99.

StudyBlue Flashcards

Flashcards are an important tool that many college students use to prepare for their tests. And while many students are using traditional paper flashcards, there are already several applications available that work straight from your phone. StudyBlue Flashcards is an IPhone app that allows students to create their own flashcards, and use cards that others have created. In the flashcards application, you can also set reminders to yourself so you can study for a test. You can download StudyBlue Flashcards for free.


Trello is a work management app designed for regulating work in student projects. Because work between students can be hard to manage, Trello organizes projects by assigning positions to each collaborator and then filters responsibility accordingly, all in a single easy to access UI. Students can assign tasks and set goals for each other, send photos as status updates, and set deadlines. You can also write comments on each task, letting others know your progress on the work. Trello can be downloaded for free.

Virt U: The Virtual University

Virt U acts as a classroom in your pocket, giving you access to lectures universities such as Harvard, Cornell and Stanford. This is a great preview for students applying to transfer to Cornell University or other universities. You can choose from various selections of undergraduate and graduate lectures in every subject. Virt U is also a community where you can post questions, browse course documents, take notes, and see which lectures your friends have been watching. New courses are added on a regular basis, and can be rated and viewed offline. Virt U is available for free at the iTunes store.

As the research and improvement of smartphone and tablet technologies progresses, more developers are going to be releasing solutions for community college students looking to learn and manage their assignments. While many use their cell phones as toys, students and teachers alike are beginning to recognize the impact that technology can have on schooling. There are already plenty of apps and resources that students can use to help with their homework and classes. Remember though, mobile applications should be an addition to your learning process, and they are there to help you with your hard work and focus, not to replace them.

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Samuel Clemens is a former educator who spends his time reviewing study tools and resources for college students. See this page for an example of the study guides he recommends.

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