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Your Android mobile device can perform a lot of functions. It can be your multimedia player, your portable gaming device, your GPS tracker, your mobile phone, your virtual assistant, and your planner. But do you know that your Android device can also be your language tutor?

There are many apps available for Android that have been designed to teach people new languages. Learning a language through your Android device is one of the best uses for it because you leave the process an improved person for having learned a new language.

If you want to start using your Android device for learning new languages here are some of the best apps that you can use.

Hello Hello

The top selling language learning app for mobile devices (including tablets) is Hello Hello, and for good reason. Hello Hello’s language courses were developed with the help of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. That’s a mouthful, but also proof that what you’re going to get is a really effective language learning tool. Hello Hello offers courses for many languages.

50 Languages

Another app that you can try out if you want to learn a new language is 50 Languages. This effective learning tool combines both audio and text to teach you a new language. The app contains 100 lessons of progressive complexity that will instruct you on the basics of the language you want to learn. The first 30 lessons are free so you can check it out without any commitments.

Pronunciation Checker Free

You could be in a nice, swanky restaurant and trying to impress your date. But if the waiter corrects you as you valiantly try to pronounce a foreign sounding dish then all of that effort goes down the drain. This is where Pronunciation Checker Free comes in. Just type the word and listen to the word as it is pronounced correctly. What a life saver.

Mango Languages for Libraries

Here’s an app that is interesting not just for what it does but how it operates. Mango Languages for Libraries is an app that you can only use if you have an account with a library that also subscribes to Mango Languages. It may be a cumbersome step but Mango prides itself on employing a method that is said to copy the actual process in which people actually learn a language. If you’re the type who often goes to a library then this is an app that is seriously worth the space on your Android device.

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