Best Years of my Life at College

by A Guest Author

My dad came from a very poor family but somehow through a rich uncle he managed to get to college and gain himself a very respectful job and income that allowed me to have a good life. He always insisted that if I did not go to college I would struggle the rest of my life. So ever since I can remember he has devoted his time with me to pushing me hard to be ready for college.

This year his dream came true. I started at college and I have to say my dad was spot on. I was scared of leaving my long-term school friends and everything that was familiar about them and my surroundings. Now I have started all over again. I am loving it!

I have already made great fiends here. The difference is that I do not have to be that rather childish friend I was at home as I am in a more adult and intellectual environment which makes me react and converse in a completely different way.  Now I find that my friendship is not just based on running and shouting and kicking, it is based on social evenings meeting people from all walks of life. I never really knew just how diverse and interesting people could be.

College is also so very different from school as in the main you are here because you really want to be. You are taking classes that in the main you really want to take. Therefore the teachers are teaching to people who want to absorb and learn everything. Don’t get me wrong there are some idiots who still think they are at school but they are few and far between.

The workload can be a little daunting and it does rather creep into your social life. Let’s be honest nobody wants to do homework and essay editing when they could be sitting with friends playing computer games or just chilling. But surprisingly I am finding that most people help each other here. So often my room is full of people who all help each other with the assignments and also take breaks to chat about the world. I am loving it.

My dad really knew what he was talking about. I spoke to dad last week and told him all about it. Of course he was not surprised he knew I would like it and I know that when I get married and have my kids I too will be planning for him or her to be at college too. It is not just the learning but it is also the ability to grow up quickly and relate to more people than you had ever dreamed possible before.

The homework and essay editing is something that is easy to plan around anyway. The only drawback to being in college is the fact I still crave my mums cooking.

Guest Author:

Simon Williams is loving his college life and is already planning that any future kids of his will have the same chance in life.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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