Bunking Off Campus

by Paul Chapman

There's an inherent safety that comes with bunking in a campus dorm. There's food, there's community, but most of all there's security. Whether a college is far from the city or smack in the middle of one, on-campus housing ensures you're close to your classes and can access all campus resources.

But what if bunking on campus is problematic or impossible for you? With tuition costs rising, many students are electing to spend their college days off-campus until class hours roll around. While this can be a risky choice, it's also an important one that can help to set you on a course of independence away from your college.

Learning to bunk off college campus is vital because the amount of time you spend partying will decrease. While this may sound like a social disaster, consider the results. Although the time you will spend building fun memories may decrease, you will have much more time for studying, essay editing, and building your independent living skills. All it takes is the initiative to find a new home, and the savvy to stay on top of rent and living expenses. These are all important skills that many college students miss out on developing.

In addition, time away from campus will give you valuable time to spend on new hobbies and pursuits. Removed from an insulated academic world, you're more likely to find out what kind of lifestyle works for you, rather than arranging your time and effort around a dormitory or campus apartment building. Your schedule will change, and so will you. Not all of your college days need to be spent on-campus for you to develop and learn.

Finally, the advantage of living outside your school will give you plenty of time to excel at what you came to college for: learning. With peer pressures removed and the urge to procrastinate replaced by reality, you'll really see what you're capable of. Watch you’re cramming become careful preparation as you learn to budget your time, money, and sleep better. Your working, brainstorming, and essay editing skills will improve as your distance from the hurried life of campus allows you more freedom. In the end you'll be glad you moved out, and so will your GPA!

And in the bigger picture. Bunking off school may seem like a great adventure to start with. But years later it can turn out to be one of the biggest mistakes of your life.

Paul Chapman use to bunk off school. Now Paul Chapman really regrets it.

This post was written by Paul Chapman

Paul Chapman is a crazy DIY enthusiast who has spent most of his waking hours in home improvements. 

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