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There are probably few people who doubt the impact that higher learning has upon earning potential. Over a lifetime, a 4 year college graduate earns an average of $1 million more than a high school graduate. For this reason, college has become extremely expensive and getting adequate financing can be a tough road to tread. There are essentially 4 separate types of loans designed to help people pay for their […]

As a huge community college advocate, it just makes sense to me. If you’re going into criminal justice, why not earn your associates degree in community college, then transfer to Ivy League, tier 1 or any other university you want. Most people will say that community college sucks and transferring is too difficult. However, that’s simply not true. Earning your associates degree and transferring from community college can be an […]

This past week, I was speaking to a family friend who was saying they would like to get a Pain Management certification. She is an RN and needs some credit hours for work. I asked her where she was taking the course, and she said,”somewhere in the city.” Now, I live near New York City and visit a lot (especially since I transferred to NYU from community college), but the […]

Online Learning is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional on campus learning. In fact according to the Sloan Consortium and Babson Research Group’s survey, over 5.6 million students were taking at least one online college course during the fall 2009 term; an increase of nearly one million students over the number reported the previous year. Of course this growing trend is not surprising given all the benefits that can come […]

The ability to go to college is important for every individual. However, it is becoming more and more difficult to get a degree, as many individuals are forced to begin working a full-time job immediately out of high school. Unfortunately, this leaves precious little time for getting an education. In addition, it often eliminates the possibility of attending traditional classes on campus entirely, as it may be impossible to juggle […]

Community college no longer has the negative stigma that once surrounded it. Today’s community colleges attract the highest caliber professors, and students utilize the flexibility and affordability of these programs to achieve goals that otherwise would have been impossible. Community college can act as the first step in an extensive secondary education, with two-year programs leading to a bachelor’s program at another university, and then on to master’s and even […]

Online community college courses are both a challenging and exciting experience. Whether you have taken online courses before or it’s your first time, you can always use some extra tips to help you succeed academically. Online students who are prepared to obtain top grades will also find it easier to be able to cope with the demands of this phase of their lives. To help you succeed, here are some […]

Learning Sign Language Online

by A Guest Author

Whether you’ve lost your hearing, have deaf friends or relatives or just want to be able to communicate with deaf people, learning sign language can help you to enrich your life and the lives of others. We’ve put together a handy guide to sign language, and how you can learn and practice it using the internet. Sign language – the basics Sign language is a form of communication, usually used […]

cc licensed flickr photo shared by The U.S. Army In years past, people who wanted to further their educations by attending college classes needed to do so in person, on a college campus. However, this increasingly internet-based society has provided more and more opportunities for individuals to attend classes online at their own paces while continuing their personal lives almost uninterrupted. Even celebrities, professional athletes, and high-powered executives are choosing […]

Deciding to go back to school to earn your degree online is a big decision. There are lots of things to take into consideration, and sometimes the decision will affect others, like your family or coworkers. Earning your degree can make a huge impact on your life and your career. Whether you have already finished college and are considering earning a second degree, or want to attend college for the […]

Remember when it seemed there was a Starbucks on virtually every corner? Eventually that explosion maxed out and the company came back down to earth, closing some of its stores. It’s not too different today in the world of online colleges. Fully online colleges have been springing up all across the Internet and joining them are a large group of brick and mortar colleges—both private and public—that are devoting significant […]

Community college has started redefining the route to bachelors degrees. As a student coming out of high school, it is easy to become discouraged when peers are getting acceptance letters while your mailbox remains barren and empty. Hold your breath though, taking an alternative path through community college may in fact be more beneficial in the long run–financially and academically. High quality courses and cheaper rates at local community college’s […]

Not everyone has the time to set life aside and go back to college. Colleges have learned that sometimes campus classes are inconvenient, and they now provide many degrees online. With these online degrees, people who have full time jobs and a family can become students and find the time to earn a degree. A new degree can allow students to further their careers or start new ones. The benefits […]

Decades ago, it may have been somewhat true that employers didn’t value online degrees as much as they did traditional degrees. Today, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Employers in today’s world understand that a degree earned from an online university is just as valuable, and just as much a sign of accomplishment as any other degree. But, when you apply for jobs in a tough job market, you […]

Many people hear “online degree” and their minds automatically take them to business, accounting or computer degrees. While these degrees are quite popular when it comes to online school, they aren’t the only degrees you can earn online. All kinds of programs are offered through online courses, and schools across the country offer a variety of degree programs. In fact, there are several programs out there that you probably didn’t […]

Going To Community College Online – Good Or Bad?

For people who want to finish their schooling or for those who want to take up another degree in college yet they don’t have enough time to practically go to one, then one good solution to that is to go to an online community college. online community college has been around for some time now and is widely accepted and recognized by states, colleges and Universities. Many people who are […]

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What an Online Bachelor’s Degree Can do for Community College Transfers

Earning your bachelor’s degree has it’s benefits. Of course, the usual benefits of being able to earn your degree on your own time, and no matter where you are are a couple of the biggest benefits of an online degree, but there are even more perks than that available to degree holders. When you in enroll in online classes, you are taking things into your own hands, and forging a […]

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3 Things to Look for in an Online Community College Program

With so many online community college programs out there, how do you choose the one that is right for you? How do you know which school has the best to offer and which one will help you earn a degree that will help you pursue the career of your dreams? Of course, there isn’t a single right way to choose an online college or university. But, there are certain things […]

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4 Tips for Acing Your Next Online Community College Class

Seven years ago, I transferred from a traditional, campus-based college to an online school.  I had two years worth of coursework left for my bachelor’s degree.  I finished last month.  During those seven years of taking online classes, I failed many courses.  I also aced many of my classes.  Here are some lessons I learned from completing an online degree program.  Hopefully, they will help you ace your next online […]

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Jumpstart Your Community College Career with Online Classes

After 13 years of dedicated study and good citizenship, you have lots of good reasons to believe your mind, body, and soul deserve a break from books and good behavior. However, if you plan to go directly from high school to community college, you should join the wisest and most strategic among your classmates by taking some college classes online before you actually set foot in academia’s hallowed halls. Complete […]

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