Cheap community college textbooks are hard to find. Aside from tuition, textbooks can be the biggest expense associated with attending community college (unless you count the cost of in a dorm or off campus apartment). In any case, paying full price could set you back several hundred dollars per semester (or even per class) when all is said and done, especially if you’re taking quite a few credits or you […]

E-textbooks are slowly gaining popularity among students on campuses everywhere. Understandably, the transition from traditional books to e-books has been a complicated process. From publishes to schools to students, there are steps everyone must take to start using the new technology. But, as these steps are taken and e-books become a more popular solution, there are all kinds of things to consider and all kinds of benefits that students will […]

Buying Textbooks on The Cheap

by A Guest Author

Textbooks can be one of the most expensive parts of your college education. New books can cost a fortune, and if you have to buy several books each semester, your tab can quickly rack up. Most college students buy their books from their local bookstore or the campus bookstore. This is convenient option since it’s close by and you don’t run the risk of not being able to find the […]

Anyone who has ever been to college can attest to the fact that purchasing textbooks is an easy way to spend hundreds of dollars before ever stepping foot into a classroom. In addition to living expenses and tuition, textbooks can end up costing students a hefty, often unplanned, amount of money. Some people are lucky enough to receive grants and scholarships, but even this money may sometimes not be enough […]

One of the worst parts about the start of a new semester is that it means you need to buy new textbooks. You could easily spend a few hundred dollars or more, and that’s in addition to the crazy amounts of money you already spend on tuition and housing. Unfortunately you can’t usually find a way around buying them. If you don’t have the book, you usually can’t pass the […]

More students are turning to renting their college textbooks and it is fast becoming a popular option but is it the smarter option? Price Everything Out The first thing that you should consider doing when weighing up your options is spend a few minutes pricing your books, checking the cost for new and used. Although it may be a little time consuming it is well worth the effort and the […]

Every student knows that with every new semester of college comes the tedious challenge of trying to find the best deal on all the various college textbooks they’re required to have for that particular semester. They will check with the campus bookstore, online bookstores, buy and sell boards, and even friends to see what their best deal is going to be in order to save as much money as possible […]