Going To Community College

Communication is essential to any relationship whether the connection is personal or professional. Handwritten forms of communication seem to be outdated by electronic forms that have become more efficient and cost effective ways to reach out to others. The rise of social media has established other avenues to message friends and peers, but email remains the most popular form of communication for casual and professional settings. Colleges are following this […]

Community colleges have been celebrated for creating an affordable learning environment open to more students as well as employing more professors, administrators and other staff in local economies. But junior colleges have also been chastised for allowing many students to drop in and out of classes for several years without ever achieving a degree or transferring to a university. But according to a recent article in the New York Times, […]

It’s no secret that the costs of higher education are rising. For the 2013-14 school year, the average cost of living on campus and going to an In-State school is estimated to be just under $23,000. For a four-year private school, the cost will be just under $45,000. Beginning in 2003, the increase in college tuition and fees for a four-year education has outpaced inflation by anywhere from 0.5% to […]

Community college tends to have a bad reputation. Even NBC created a sitcom chronicling every negative stereotype people think of when the words “community” and “college” are put together. However, attending community college might be the wisest decision you will ever make. Admission counselors at 4-year colleges are inundated with thousands of applicants from high school seniors who have similar characteristics, essays, and SAT scores. It is difficult to make […]

There are probably few people who doubt the impact that higher learning has upon earning potential. Over a lifetime, a 4 year college graduate earns an average of $1 million more than a high school graduate. For this reason, college has become extremely expensive and getting adequate financing can be a tough road to tread. There are essentially 4 separate types of loans designed to help people pay for their […]

According to the Center for Post secondary and Economic Success (CLASP), the number of uninsured people aged between 18 and 34 years is almost double that of people aged over 35 years. The problem is most of these young adults tend to be students in college or university. The lack of coverage can make it hard for a student to access treatment in the event of an emergency. However, there […]

Regardless of where you’re studying, community college is an experience abundant with opportunities. Every day is a surprise regarding who you’ll meet or bump into, what you’ll learn and what connections, recreational or professional, you might find yourself making. With professors flooding emails, friends blowing up phones and class starting in five minutes, it’s important to keep these five items close by to better take advantage of every moment in […]

In this tech-driven world, engineers are in high demand. They are the brains behind the latest gadgets, the massive construction projects, the most sophisticated software, and the public utilities that we depend on every day. Studies showed that the field suffered least compared to other occupations when the economy turned sour during the latter part of the last decade. Simply put, engineers are too vital to let go. They enjoy […]

School is back on full blast and with all of the new college students comes a plethora of transfer students. In the beginning of a school year there may tend to be a high amount of focus put on high school seniors and many transfer students can find themselves getting behind or feeling left out in regards to being provided with the information needed when starting at a new school. […]

Being a college student means a lot of responsibilities to your finances. They think it’s cool to manage your own money, however all in all you are doing some mistakes and many organizations use this fact, as the way to steal money out of you, when you don’t even know about it. To not make this happen, you should be aware of possible “dangers” and stay away from them in […]

Playing a sport in college can be a great way to earn a scholarship, make friends, stay competitive, and stay in great physical shape. While playing a sport while you are in school can be a great idea, getting a position on a collegiate sports team can be very competitive. For those people that are looking to transfer from a community college, it can be even more challenging as they […]

The cost of education continues to escalate, seemingly unmindful of the state of the economy. Most students who wish to attend a university cannot do so due to financial concerns. Instead, they have to be creative in their approach. One of the options is to enroll in a community college before making the big jump to a state or private university. This lets students get some credits at a much […]

With 4-year university attendance fees increasing, more and more price conscious students are choosing to obtain their general education at cheaper 2-year colleges, prior to transferring to study a bachelor’s degree somewhere else. There are several advantages to following this unconventional path. As well as the cash savings transfer students make by going to a community college, they receive a leg up in the job market once they have their […]

Students have to put up with many issues while at university, from the task of constantly choosing between finishing that research paper or getting even the minimum of a good night’s sleep, to the fact that many have little money to their name. Another thing that is the bane of many students’ lives is debt, which can follow them around as a dark cloud over their heads. In some cases, […]

When students gear up to get ready for college, one of the first items on their shopping list is a laptop. While it is convenient to have one of these machines at your disposal whenever you want while at college, there are plenty of additional facilities available that you should be aware of. Take Advantage of the Computer Lab Most colleges contain a pretty elaborate computer lab equipped with most […]

Know Your Community College’s Health Insurance Plan

A lot of students in community college are not aware that they may be able to get health insurance through their school. This piece of critical information may be a game changer to many students who sacrifice certain necessities in order to pay for their education. Health insurance is among these necessities which some student surpass in exchange for college credits. Why You Should Be Aware If you are going […]

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Transfer To Brown University From Community College

Are you interested in transferring to Brown University? If so, I applaud you for having a goal to aspire towards. Whether you’re majoring in liberal arts or sciences, Brown University is a great school. However, it is an Ivy League school that can be challenging to get into, especially as a transfer student. To transfer to Brown successfully, you’ll have to be one of the very best students at your […]

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Safety Tips for Working While in Community College

For many people, the college experience will include a part-time or full-time job in addition to classes and study. Working while studying may not seem like it could become a hazard, there can be a downside to maintaining a job while in school. However, those who decide to take on the responsibility of working while in college should consider a few tips that will help them maintain their mental and […]

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Hugely Successful Community College Graduates

In the professional world, much is made of where someone attended college for their undergraduate degree. Large universities have equally large networks of alumni which the schools use to their advantage in placing recent graduates. Where one goes to school might affect one’s prospects immediately upon graduating, but it certainly does not hamper one’s prospects for long-term success. Success comes with motivation and hard work, and some of the most […]

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Gaining Leadership Skills in Community College

Spending two years at a community college is a great way to save money and develop academic and leadership skills. Unfortunately, many students waste this time by only doing the minimum required to apply for a transfer. This is foolish because the small size of most community colleges makes them ideal places to gain leadership experience. By developing leadership skills in the small environment of a community college, you can […]

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