Admissions Essays

Attending community college for one or two years before transferring to a larger institution can be a great strategy for saving money on tuition while getting core coursework out of the way. However, even the best grades on your lower-level coursework may not be enough to get you into the four-year school of your dreams. Here are three ways to beef up your college resume to catch the attention of […]

College application season is a competitive time for any high school student who hopes to get into a big name school or to get a scholarship. Writing the essay that wins the hearts of the admissions advisors is the key, and fortunately there is more than one way to do that 1. Start early and avoid procrastination at all costs. The earlier you finish your essay, the more chances you […]

Many people are under the impression that Ivy League transfer admissions will not accept community college transfer students. This rumor started partially because some universities do not accept any transfer students into certain programs or fields. The reality, however, is that you can transfer to Ivy League universities from community college. The path may seem improbable, but with the right effort and a community college guide, you will be on […]

Transferring to Stony Brook from community college is a wonderful opportunity to get the most out of both institutions. For community college students in New York, the transition between SUNY Schools is very smooth. And even for out of state transfers, you’re looking at a quality education for a discounted price. Stonybrook offers a pdf document containing a list of which courses are transferable  from neighboring community colleges and colleges. […]

Would you like to be an Ivy League transfer from community college? More specifically, do you want to be a harvard transfer student? No doubt, starting your harvard transfer application is an important part of the whole harvard transfer process. One thing I can guarantee is this: All Harvard transfers from community college have an outstanding transfer application that set them apart from other applicants. However, an outstanding Harvard transfer application is not just written […]

Community college has started redefining the route to bachelors degrees. As a student coming out of high school, it is easy to become discouraged when peers are getting acceptance letters while your mailbox remains barren and empty. Hold your breath though, taking an alternative path through community college may in fact be more beneficial in the long run–financially and academically. High quality courses and cheaper rates at local community college’s […]

With an ever-increasing number of students applying to universities, you need a memorable admissions essay to separate yourself from your peers.  A powerful essay will give you a definitive edge in the admissions process. High school transcripts convey how you have faired as a student, but a great essay can be the difference between acceptance and rejection. In as little as five hundred words, the college essay gives you a […]