Transferring To University

I have really enjoyed the relationships I’ve been building, helping my customers long after they have bought my transfer guide and even longer after they have already been accepted into top universities. Furthermore, I sometimes like to post questions that I think would help other people and it seems like others like it so here was another good one. This customer emailed me a day or so after buying my […]

One of my customers, I’ll call him John for the purpose of this post, purchased my community college guide about two years ago. Today, he has been successfully accepted into two great universities as a transfer student. Although he was at a 4-year college (not a community college), John bought my eBooks and had been emailing me questions all throughout his college experience. I was very proud when he told […]

Here’s another question that I get from time to time. Recently, a customer of my eBook, asked me about transferring out now or later since he had been accepted into 2 very good universities. I’ll share a bit of information I shared with him here. Having skyped with this customer after his purchase, I quickly learned that he was very similar to me – had the capability but didn’t apply […]

When attending college, a student may discover that the programs offered in the university do not go in line with his or her career path. In such cases, one can decide to transfer to another university that meets his or her preferences. This is known as an academic transfer. When transferring to a new university, the credits earned from the courses one has completed are transferred too. The whole process […]

Starting college is an exciting adventure. When you are prepared with some safety tips, college can be a wonderful experience. Locks Are An Essential Part Of College Life When you are away at school, locks should be a part of your overall safety plan. This is a topic you may not have thought about before. If locks are to be effective, you need to know they are in working condition, […]

If you’re wondering whether culinary school credits can transfer to another institution, the most straightforward answer is that it depends. That might not be the straightforward answer you were hoping for, but the truth is, every culinary school and 4-year university has different standards when it comes to handling transfer credits, and a lot of them look at transfer credits on a case-by-case basis. There are, however, some common situations […]

College is a time of greater education and wonderful experiences; it is a time to broaden your horizons. One of the best ways to do this is to venture abroad by either studying abroad or transferring to an international university. This can be a very exciting experience, but can also be overwhelming. When planning to transfer abroad it’s important plan ahead and keep a few tips in the back of […]

The cost of education continues to escalate, seemingly unmindful of the state of the economy. Most students who wish to attend a university cannot do so due to financial concerns. Instead, they have to be creative in their approach. One of the options is to enroll in a community college before making the big jump to a state or private university. This lets students get some credits at a much […]

Attending community college for one or two years before transferring to a larger institution can be a great strategy for saving money on tuition while getting core coursework out of the way. However, even the best grades on your lower-level coursework may not be enough to get you into the four-year school of your dreams. Here are three ways to beef up your college resume to catch the attention of […]

Tools To Manage Your Community College Transfer Many students decide to begin their college education at community college. This may be a wise choice for many reasons, but will require students to transfer to a four year university in order to complete a bachelor’s degree. During this process, it is necessary to be organized and understand everything that is involved with the process. Here are four useful tools to help […]

Did you know that students transfer to Ivy League from community college every year? That means you can transfer to Dartmouth University after just 2 years at community college. It’s a fantastic opportunity and quite achievable, as long as you’re willing to put in the work to get accepted. To transfer to Dartmouth from CC, you’ll want to have a well thought out action plan or guide to help you stay focused in […]

To be a Howard University transfer, there are several requirements you have to satisfy. For both community college transfers and 4-year-schools, transfer students must have at least 15 transferrable credit hours and earned a cumulative GPA of 2.5. However, that just might not be enough to gain admission into Howard University. The college is as rich in history as an Ivy League school and located right in Washington, D.C.. The […]

Transferring out of a community college into a four-year school can be an exciting and overwhelming time in a student’s life. There is a great deal of planning and preparing that must take place in order to successfully transfer to a new college or university. Starting the process early and finding out all of the necessary important information ahead of time will ensure that the details are not overlooked. The […]

As a tenant, you should know how to avoid and manage potential conflicts with your landlord. If you are a college student, this is particularly important because you may be in a unique position since you would probably have to invite friends over more often and stay up later than most of your fellow tenants. Furthermore, your financial situation might cause you to make late rent payments occasionally. In view […]

Going to university or college can be an exciting and also a daunting prospect. Moving away from home, meeting new people, gaining your independence and experiencing new things can be overwhelming, so it is worth ensuring that you are as well prepared as possible. If you are considering what to pack for university, there are some essential items that may help make your transition into student life easier. Paperwork To […]

Community College to Grad School: 5 Things Every Student Should Know About Graduate Degrees

Are you currently a community college student? Is graduate school part of your plan for the future? Whether you’re looking for graduate schools in Hawaii or graduate schools in Chicago, it’s important to understand the basics of the process. By understanding your goals and objectives, you’ll be able to plan ahead and ensure that you’re accepted to the graduate school of your choice. Here are some key things to think […]

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How to Avoid the “Freshman 15” After Transferring

The scary “freshman 15” is something that new college students ponder over, including college freshman and community college transfers. This term refers to the amount of weight that most students gain during their first year at college. Of course, fifteen pounds is just an average amount. Some students might gain more and others might gain less. But the reason why they gain this weight has to do with the junk food […]

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5 Community College Transfer Problems You MUST Avoid

Are you thinking about going to community college? You already know that community college will save you a ton of money, but are concerned about community college transfer problems? Without a doubt, your concerns are very real. I remember being skeptical about this myself before learning all about how to be a successful community college transfer student. In this post, you will get an overview of five common community college […]

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Transferring From Community College To University Of Illinois

Would you like to transfer to the University of Illinois from community college? Being a highly ranked university, the University of Illinois the #13 ranked public university and #46 national university. At they undergraduate level, they also feature top ranking engineering, business and education colleges. No doubt, there is plenty of opportunity to take advantage of. But, how can you transfer from community college? In this post, we will discuss […]

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What Ivy League Transfer Admissions Wants From Community College Students

Many people are under the impression that Ivy League transfer admissions will not accept community college transfer students. This rumor started partially because some universities do not accept any transfer students into certain programs or fields. The reality, however, is that you can transfer to Ivy League universities from community college. The path may seem improbable, but with the right effort and a community college guide, you will be on […]

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