Choosing Your Major

An individual who wants to enter Law School should earn an undergraduate degree from a 4-year college or university. Though there are no specific undergraduate degrees required to get admitted to Law School, a lot of liberal arts degree programs can help you prepare for Law School. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), bachelor degrees in English, history, philosophy and political science are some of the undergraduate […]

Your mother told you to marry a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. Why is engineering such a respected profession, and what does it mean to be an engineer? These days it can mean many things, and each one is potentially fascinating. It might even be the right career for you. Respected Profession One reason engineering is so respected is that a person has to be intelligent and disciplined to make any […]

The public administration sector offers plenty of job opportunities for the right candidates. For example, figures published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show that state and local governments employ about eight million people. Other employers include healthcare facilities, retailers, and learning institutions. People who work in public administration engage in tasks such as managing human and financial resources, drafting and implementing government policies, as well as serving […]

Carving out a career in the legal profession comes with a certain degree of prestige and financial security. These and other perks help law schools attract thousands of applicants every year. Legal education can be an excellent investment for those who can afford it but soaring fees make it inaccessible for most people. Fortunately, a law degree is not absolutely necessary to get into a good firm. There are plenty […]

The history of software development as we know it is only a few decades old. Those years have been intense in the advancement of technology and innovation, with new languages created by the hundreds.  The software development industry continues to evolve in life-changing ways, as do the opportunities for talented professionals who want to expand their horizons.  The Programmed World Some call it the Internet of Things or Smart Things. […]

In this tech-driven world, engineers are in high demand. They are the brains behind the latest gadgets, the massive construction projects, the most sophisticated software, and the public utilities that we depend on every day. Studies showed that the field suffered least compared to other occupations when the economy turned sour during the latter part of the last decade. Simply put, engineers are too vital to let go. They enjoy […]

As a huge community college advocate, it just makes sense to me. If you’re going into criminal justice, why not earn your associates degree in community college, then transfer to Ivy League, tier 1 or any other university you want. Most people will say that community college sucks and transferring is too difficult. However, that’s simply not true. Earning your associates degree and transferring from community college can be an […]

Becoming a nurse is huge decision and now that you have made it, there are ways that you can prepare yourself for this rewarding but challenging career. Personal Character Your personal character is important to know before becoming a nurse. You have to be able to work well with people and be very patient. This is a career that can be very stressful, so being able to handle work under […]

Everyone wants to make the best possible impression during a job interview, especially if competition for the position is fierce. So what are interviewers really looking for? Here are a few qualities to keep in mind during any interview you attend, no matter what type of job you are applying for. Confidence When you are trying to find a job in Stockport for instance and you attend an interview, one […]

Though most people can do at least a little cooking, the truth is that cooking is a skill like any other. Some people have a natural knack for it, some people are amazing at it, but everyone can get better than they are. Culinary school is intended to help people who have a professional interest in cooking, whether they want to work in the restaurant industry or they want to […]

College students spend most of their time studying, trying to make their grades and developing their education plans into something coherent enough to create a useful degree; one of the things that rarely hits most student’s minds is the whole nebulous concept of “sales”. For most students, it just doesn’t register as something important to ponder, much less learn and adapt. This is a mistake, and like it or not, […]

As the recent 2008 recession –the Great Recession—has shown everybody very clearly, not just any college degree is enough to guarantee successful employment in a career of some kind. Despite holding B.As, legal degrees and numerous other high profile and highly expensive titles from major schools, millions of graduates were left without job prospects, some of them still being in the same situation. Worst of all, in addition to having […]

As more and more high school graduates are choosing to get a higher education, students are being exposed to a variety of majors that many of us can’t even fathom paying to study. If you thought Jewish studies, forestry, or classical studies were strange academic ventures, keep your mind open to the incredible amount of wacky degrees available to college students nowadays. Here are just a few to get your […]

An experience company is a company that provides different types of experiences for people to try. They offer unique experiences that people might never have the chance to do without the help of an experience company. They could choose to do skydiving, flying, cooking classes, spa days and even zombie and vampire adventures. They get to spend a day in the life of whatever experience that is chosen and enjoy […]

It’s expected that the Asia-Pacific will require 185,600 new commercial airline pilots by 2030 according to the 2012 Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook. The Southeast Asia region alone will need 51,500 pilots. Where will they come from? Flight schools. The industry is ramping up, trying to attract new talent. Airlines Are Anticipating More Revenue North American airlines is showing amazing improvement in its prospects. In fact, since Jun of last […]

Going To Community College To Save Money [The Wise Business Decision]

Going to community college to save money is one of the smartest decisions you can make. You do not have to be a business major to know that paying tuition at community college is much cheaper than 4-year colleges and universities. And if you are a business major, I’m pretty sure that you have already calculated it out (unless you are a marketing major). Okay, I will leave you business […]

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Why Community College To Become A Pharmacist Offers MORE Opportunity

Do you want to become a pharmacist? Are you thinking about going to community college to become a pharmacist? If so, you are on the right track. Whether you currently have competitive grades or not, community college is probably the best option for you. In this post, we will discuss if becoming a pharmacist is right for you, how to get into pharmacy school and why community college to become […]

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What Kind Of Degrees Can You Get At A Community College?

Want to know what kind of degrees you can get at a community college? There are hundreds! Community colleges continue to evolve in response to the needs of students. In the US, community colleges offer everything from certifications to 2-year associates degrees, and even some 4-year bachelors degrees. But, to simplify everything, let’s stick to the most common degrees you can earn in community college. Inside this post, we will […]

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What Industry Offers Management Positions To Associates Degree Grads

Many roads lead to construction management; they are long and full of hard work. Despite this rough path, there is much satisfaction gained by people who enter into this industry. It is a good opportunity for anyone who is thinking of joining the workforce directly after earning an associates degree from community college. Construction manager is an often-overlooked occupation, because to become one you must have many skills and much […]

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Grant Writing Careers: Why It’s Important to You

Many jobs in the human services, nonprofit and academic sectors require applicants to have at least some experience in grant writing. Even when the economy is good, organizations count on grants to fund important projects and to allow them to continue moving toward their mission. However, few people realize the importance of this skill, even forgoing opportunities to study it as an elective during their human services degree program. Understanding […]

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