Community College vs University

Community college tends to have a bad reputation. Even NBC created a sitcom chronicling every negative stereotype people think of when the words “community” and “college” are put together. However, attending community college might be the wisest decision you will ever make. Admission counselors at 4-year colleges are inundated with thousands of applicants from high school seniors who have similar characteristics, essays, and SAT scores. It is difficult to make […]

Four-year residential colleges are extremely expensive, and can lead to massive student debt that can counter the benefits of attending college in the first place. That is one of the contributing factors as to why four out of ten high school students choose community college over a four-year university. In fact community colleges are the fastest-growing and largest sector of higher education. Two-year colleges may in fact be the best […]

It is safe to say that colleges in America have turned into nothing more than big businesses. In the last few years colleges have raised tuition rates, which just happened to be during the worst recession this country has ever seen. Despite this, Americans are raised on the idea of college being the ticket to a better job and they are willing to risk going into debt in order to […]

Community colleges have played a fundamental role in empowering the youth with sustainable higher education. Indeed, their role in both local and international development can never be overlooked and especially when it comes to the delivery of competent professional manpower. New Jersey in particular has been a U.S stronghold in the provision of higher learning education through well versed and highly equipped learning institutions. At the moment, the state boasts […]

Do you want to become a pharmacist? Are you thinking about going to community college to become a pharmacist? If so, you are on the right track. Whether you currently have competitive grades or not, community college is probably the best option for you. In this post, we will discuss if becoming a pharmacist is right for you, how to get into pharmacy school and why community college to become […]

When I first started promoting this site back in 2010, I had spent a lot of time on twitter. Unfortunately, if you search for the term “community college” on twitter, there are a lot of people that do hate on community college. Initially, it really bothered me that so many people hate on community college. Then, it became funny to me… I read a tweet by a freshman girl who […]

Are you planning on attending community college? Smart move, but are you worried about how much does community college cost? Obviously, it is a lot cheaper than going to a 4-year college. Yet, I totally understand wanting to know the actual costs so I decided to write this post. In this post, we will consider how much community college costs in regards to tuition, living and other general expenses. It […]

Can’t decide whether you’re going to spend your first year of higher education at community college or university? You know that community college can be a smart option, but you might be concerned about giving up a great college experience because of the idea that community college will not have the same social life and party scene as a university. You might think that you will get stuck at community […]

Community colleges are 2-year degree institutions. They offer associates degrees and the opportunity to transfer to NYU, UPenn, Harvard and other top universities. But, you might be wondering, how long does it take to transfer from community college? In this post, you’ll get an idea of how long it usually takes to transfer from community college. Additionally, I’ll share with you some insight about finishing in one year, two years or […]

Does everyone get into community college? It is supposed to be really easy right? Not exactly. Community colleges are great 2-year options for students to transfer to 4-year-colleges, including Ivy League and Tier 1 schools. However, they are still colleges that require an admissions decision, rejected or accepted. In most cases, you will not be rejected from community college as you would at top universities. Instead, you will be considered ineligible due […]

If you tried to find out the average community college debt, you would probably have a hard time finding a solid statistic. Most major educational resources provide averages on student loans, debt, etc. However, they do not offer much information on 2-year community colleges. Why not? Community colleges are so cost effective that many students are able to pay their way through school. In many cases, community college foundations help […]

Community college honors programs are the best opportunity available to students going into community college. If you learn nothing else from this site, let it be to make sure you do your best to get into your local community college honors program. At first, it may not sound like a worth-while idea, but it’s well worth the effort. If you don’t have the grades to get directly into your 2-year […]

Want to know what kind of degrees you can get at a community college? There are hundreds! Community colleges continue to evolve in response to the needs of students. In the US, community colleges offer everything from certifications to 2-year associates degrees, and even some 4-year bachelors degrees. But, to simplify everything, let’s stick to the most common degrees you can earn in community college. Inside this post, we will […]

Community colleges: Your launch pad for a four year degree! For the vast majority of us, getting into, to, and through college, all present steep challenges.  Tight admission policies, high tuition, the opportunity cost of full-time attendance, and academic pressure, all can block a student’s ambition to obtain a degree.   This represents a terrible waste of human potential, not to speak of dashing hopes in so many lives!  One solution […]

Despite offering tremendous opportunity, community colleges everywhere still catch a bad reputation. But, why does community college have a bad reputation? At first glance, it’s because of students who are ungrateful and complain a lot! College is always going to be what you make it. That’s never going to change. You can attend a top ranked, Ivy League university like Cornell University and if you don’t make the best of […]

What Is The “Average” Time To Transfer From Community College?

Before reading this post, keep in mind that there are several factors, like injury, work, or family duties, that can alter how many semesters you should ideally complete at community college, so don’t be too quick to worry about the average. However, if none of these factors affect you, read on and learn about the most common community college route. The majority of students will take two years to transfer […]

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Top 4 Famous People Who Went to Community College

With the cost of higher education constantly rising, many prospective college students are looking for options that can help them save money on their bachelor’s degree. Community colleges are becoming some of the most popular choices in cities all over the country. Rather than sinking into debt as a result of skyrocketing tuition rates, going to community college for 2 years allows students to get the same specialized education without […]

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Is Attending Community College First Bad?

Many community college students, and indeed, college students in general, enter their secondary education with little idea of the path that lies ahead. Although most have a general idea of what they like and dislike where academia is concerned, they have no real concept of how that will translate into major study, and ultimately, a career path. However, there are a select few who enter the college experience knowing exactly […]

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Minimize Student Loans by Transferring from Community College

College is a massive expense, and any one who has received an undergraduate degree or graduate degree have probably experienced it. Sure, students loans are there to help you, but don’t be naive about them. It’s important to know better about loans and lenders, this way you can avoid getting scammed or being taken advantage of over your hard earned money (or perhaps your parents’ hard earned money). When you […]

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Difference Between Junior College and Community College?

So you might be wondering: Is There a Difference between Junior College and Community College? If you’ve ever heard the term “junior college” the context has probably been such that it was used in place of the term “community college”. These days the two terms are often taken to mean the same thing, just as “college” and “university” are generally considered to be interchangeable terms for the same type of […]

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