When attending college, a student may discover that the programs offered in the university do not go in line with his or her career path. In such cases, one can decide to transfer to another university that meets his or her preferences. This is known as an academic transfer. When transferring to a new university, the credits earned from the courses one has completed are transferred too. The whole process […]

Carving out a career in the legal profession comes with a certain degree of prestige and financial security. These and other perks help law schools attract thousands of applicants every year. Legal education can be an excellent investment for those who can afford it but soaring fees make it inaccessible for most people. Fortunately, a law degree is not absolutely necessary to get into a good firm. There are plenty […]

The history of software development as we know it is only a few decades old. Those years have been intense in the advancement of technology and innovation, with new languages created by the hundreds.  The software development industry continues to evolve in life-changing ways, as do the opportunities for talented professionals who want to expand their horizons.  The Programmed World Some call it the Internet of Things or Smart Things. […]

As students shift from high school into college, there are big changes in the classes and expectations. College classes take a lot more self-discipline to stay on top of assignments and turn things in on time because attendance is not always required and there aren’t often reminders of due dates. One of the biggest changes is working with others. The real world entails a lot of collaborative work, so professors […]

Civil engineering is a general study that involves creating the unthinkable or even defying the impossible in a way that shapes and suits the modern world. Civil engineers must engage in rigorous research and practice of every aspect found in science, math, and physics prior to gaining their Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Engineering degrees. Currently, there are at least seven different aspects of civil engineering that degree holders […]

Playing a sport in college can be a great way to earn a scholarship, make friends, stay competitive, and stay in great physical shape. While playing a sport while you are in school can be a great idea, getting a position on a collegiate sports team can be very competitive. For those people that are looking to transfer from a community college, it can be even more challenging as they […]

College is a time of greater education and wonderful experiences; it is a time to broaden your horizons. One of the best ways to do this is to venture abroad by either studying abroad or transferring to an international university. This can be a very exciting experience, but can also be overwhelming. When planning to transfer abroad it’s important plan ahead and keep a few tips in the back of […]

With 4-year university attendance fees increasing, more and more price conscious students are choosing to obtain their general education at cheaper 2-year colleges, prior to transferring to study a bachelor’s degree somewhere else. There are several advantages to following this unconventional path. As well as the cash savings transfer students make by going to a community college, they receive a leg up in the job market once they have their […]

Travel on and around campus can not only suck up your time and money, but it can also do damage to the environment in the process. And since few community colleges offer living arrangements (i.e. dorms) for students like their 4-year counterparts, you’ll be left with the unhappy task of commuting in order to attend classes. Whether the distance is short or long, this can impact both you and the […]

Any time you have to relocate it can be a stressful and complicated event. But when you already have a lot on your plate with a school schedule, the prospect of a mid-semester move can be enough to give you a panic attack. Not only will you have to keep up with your community college course load, including attending classes, completing homework, and studying for exams, but in the meantime […]

Attending community college can be an exciting prospect for many young adults, who rightly see college as the gateway to their future. But it can also have some negative side effects, especially in the area of health. Like any situation where many people are brought together in a small space, illness can spread pretty fast through classrooms. And there are all kinds of factors that cause students to stress, lose […]

One of the biggest challenges that a school administrator can face is how to raise funds for various school programs. The old way was to send kids out in their neighborhoods to sell cookies, candy bars and popcorn but today things have changed. First of all, schools do not want to just send kids out to sell anything door to door to strangers. Second, with people watching their finances, many […]

Full immersion into a foreign country can be the best way to learn a language and understand a new culture from the ground up, but for the community college transfer student involved in a study abroad program in can be a lot to take in. Certainly the prospect of traveling the world is an exciting one, and many post community college transfers get wrapped up in the adventurous aspects of […]

The wonderful thing about your time spent in community college is that you are almost completely free. You don’t yet have a serious job, a spouse, kids, a house, and other obligations to tie you down. So if you want to pick up and go for the weekend or even the summer, there’s nothing holding you back. Well, that’s not entirely true. The other side of the coin is that […]

Deciding to start a career in photography can provide a lifelong career that is incredibly rewarding, both monetarily and personally. However, this highly competitive and subjective industry can be difficult to enter. Learning how to nail your photography interview is just as important as putting together a stunning portfolio. Fortunately, you can learn the interview skills necessary to land a permanent photography job within your desired field. Begin by embodying […]

5 Reasons to Appoint a Designated Driver for Community College Parties

Let me just start out by saying that I don’t support drinking in community college and that it can be done after transferring from community college to Ivy League and when you are of age. However, yes, there are community college parties and they do happen. Although many community college students aren’t actually old enough to legally imbibe liquor, it’s no secret that most kids will drink and party when […]

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What to Wear for an Interview

The first point about what to wear for an interview; be it for a university or college place or applying for a job is to be comfortable! No matter how smartly dressed or perfectly turned out you are, if your clothes are not comfortable it will show through, making you appear awkward, ill-at-ease and even deceptive to the interviewer. An applicant who is comfortable in the interview situation is going […]

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Top 5 Affordable Cars for Community College Students

Although many community college students live close enough to campus to walk, bike, or utilize public transportation, others will have to drive in order to attend classes. If you number among these students you may be looking for an affordable and reliable means of locomotion. While you might be able to borrow your parents’ car, this could prove problematic when they have need of a vehicle. And there is certainly […]

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Degrees: Which Ones Pay Better?

Given the staggering cost of degrees in this day and age, savvy students need to think more about what they can get at the end of their studies before ploughing thousands and thousands into three years study. Some degrees appear to offer better value for money than others as they have better job prospects and most importantly, more hard cash. Here we look at the degrees which have the best […]

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How Students Can Control Credit Card Debt

Young people often receive conflicting advice about whether to get a credit card. On one hand, it’s a useful way to build credit and learn the ropes of personal finance. On the other hand, accumulating debts you can’t pay off is a real danger for those who are inexperienced in the ways of the world. Nevertheless, the time will probably come when you decide you need the convenience and flexibility […]

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