Certifications that are Necessary to Enhance your Career

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There are many highly valued, unique roles that exist in the world of business that can definitely benefit from the various certification programs available. Such programs are founded on standards as well as best practices, which lead to greater quality and even increased efficiency. The corporate world or businesses in general are aware of the importance of having highly skilled professionals in roles like risk management, project management, quality assurance, etc. in order to avoid mistakes as well as expensive project overruns. Also, businesses are aware that productivity including quality can equally improve when administrative plus other positions are occupied by people with the much needed certifiable skills. Obtaining an Associate of Arts in Business Administration is the type of degree that can set you apart from the rest. Holding a degree that contains administrative knowledge is beneficial when you are looking to succeed in the business industry. Consequently, below are six certifications that can improve or enhance your career.

Project Management

Certifications in project management provide professionals in this field with a way to improve their knowledge as well as obtain the recognition that they deserve for their abilities and skills. PMI (Project Management Institute) has a number of certifications that it awards with these recognized world-wide. This includes PMP (Project Management Professional) and PgMP (Program Management Professional) to mention a few. Both certifications including others offered by this institute require that applicants have certain qualifications before enrolling for them.

Human Resources

It is important for professionals in human resources practice to be knowledgeable about different topics ranging from labor regulations to compensation practices. HRIC (HR Certification Institute) assesses the knowledge of HR practitioners in all areas that fall within human resource practice. Consequently, HR practitioners that hold certification from this institute are respected among their peers. And, will stand out during job interviews as well as internal evaluations. Certifications include PHR (Professional in Human Resources), GPHR (Global Professional in Human Resources) and SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources. The certifications provided by HRIC are widely recognized among Human Resource professionals.

Property Management

Real Estate managers have various responsibilities that fall under different disciplines like finance, human resources, management, marketing as well as law. Acquiring certification in property management will go a long way in ensuring that property managers possess the necessary know-how in the aforementioned subject-areas in order to perform creditably well in their jobs. In fact, certified managers will benefit immensely due to the industry recognition they will receive thereby increasing their value before employers. Two organizations offering widely recognized certifications in property management include: NPMA (National Property Management Association) and IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management).

Occupational Health

Recharge your career in social service or the health industry by acquiring certification online. Certification in occupational health and safety will cover areas such as ergonomics, environmental toxicology, workplace safety hazards as well as risk management. After completion, you will be able to apply your critical knowledge in this field as an OSHA regulator or as a technician. Entry may require a bachelor’s degree.

Business Analyst

The existence of a business analyst within an organization is critical. Such individuals or team of individuals as the case may be are professionals that help an organization to bridge the gap between its business needs and the technology that it requires. They can work together with technologists in order to determine the ultimate solution. Business analysts that want to enhance their professional calling can do so by obtaining certification from IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) or some other institution.

Risk Management

In today’s world of global financial risk the risk manager can help the companies they work for to act in a responsible way by adopting profit maximizing methods that equally avoid risky behaviors, which have dire consequences. Now two professional certifications in this field that provide similar widely acceptable recognition are FRM (Financial Risk Manager) offered by GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals) and PRM (Professional Risk Manager) offered by PRMIA (Professional Risk Managers’ International Association).

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This post was written by A Guest Author

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