The Importance of CNA Jobs

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Currently, there is a shortage of nurses.  Surprisingly, it is extremely difficult to get into the nursing program.  There are several nurses applying to get into the nursing program at accredited nursing schools, yet there are not enough positions open.  Too many qualified applicants are turned away because there are not enough educators or clinical facilities to give students a proper education.  Schools have students fulfill a number of requirements in order to make the program tougher to get into.  This way it is as fair as possible when choosing those who do not get accepted.

Certified Nurses Aid

One of the many requirements is for students to become a Certified Nurses Aid (CNA). This is a great requirement for not only the school but also the students.  Becoming a CNA is the best way to discover if the medical field is right for you.  Studies have even found that students are more likely to fail or drop out of the program.  It is better to accept a student into the program that will stick with it rather than wasting one of the spots for a student that will quite.

Becoming a CNA

Nursing is a profession where employees are continually learning on the job.  LNs and LPNs are the only licensed nurses, but CNAs still play a significant role.  There are several places where people can receive training to become a Certified Nurses Aid.  Community colleges, vocation schools, and other education programs allow students to learn in a classroom and it also gives them hands on experience.  Training includes bathing, grooming, ambulation, transferring, and many other necessary skills.  Students also need to understand nutrition, anatomy, and physiology.

Passing the Test

To pass the course, students need to be able to pass a written test as well as a practical test.  Their certification needs to be renewed every three years in order to continue their education.  CNAs can also become a Home Health Aide (HHA).  An HHA will assist patients in their homes through a home health agency.  Daily duties for a HHA include cooking, housekeeping, laundry, sitting services, grooming, ambulation, and many other tasks.

Rewarding Occupation

Being a CNA can be an extremely rewarding job.  It is difficult work, but a CNA plays and extremely important role in the health of their patients and the functionality within a hospital.  Talk to a health professional to get more information about CNA jobs and discover if this profession is right for you.

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This post was written by A Guest

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