College Sports vs. Pro Sports

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Are College Sports Better than Pro?

While professional sports have always been extremely popular many people like college sports better. There are some huge differences and college sports are a huge business. When one considers all the colleges and their sports and properties, the may beat out many pro sports. There has always been a huge debate as to which is better and fans are rabid about their opinions. Let’s look at some of the issues.

For starters, college fans claim their sport is purer the pro sports. Pro players are often seen as greedy, arrogant or selfish especially since they play for millions of dollars and often act immature.  They claim that college athletes play more for the love of the game and to earn an education. I personally disagree with this however because of the way college stars are treated it is obvious they get more out of it then an education.

College sports often more exciting because the players aren’t as developed as the pro’s so they are more prone to mistakes. For example, the NFL consists of the top 1 percent of the top 1 percent of players. They are the best of best and perform at incredibly high level. Most college players will never make it pro and because of this their skill levels isn’t as high. This creates more exciting games because things like interceptions and turnovers are more common.  Another factor is that because the talent level is as high college sports tend to be more of a team oriented game that relies on all positions more. You can especially see this in college basketball. That being said I love the high level of play the NFL produces.

College fans always talk about the energy and excitement of college games as well. The NFL lacks the energy of the crowds, the college mascots, the cheerleaders and marching bands that have become so synonymous with college sports.  It is true that there are few experiences like a good college game.

College fans will also argue that the rules for college ball make it more exciting. For instance, in the NFL for a receiver to have possession of the ball he has to land with both feet in bounds while he has the ball. In college ball all that is required is one foot. I will admit that this rule does make for more exciting games because it increased the number or receptions but most people feel this rule would be too powerful in the NFL.  Another example is that in college ball the three point line is closer to the basket then in the NBS. This does often lead to more three pointers being shot.

College sports also have some of the biggest and best rivalries around. While pro sports have some great rivalries such as the Yankee’s vs. the Red Sox or the Cowboys vs. the Redskins , college can easily equal that. SEC football has some great rivalries like the Florida Gators vs. the Georgia Bulldogs and Auburn vs. Alabama. College basketball is also great with rivalries like the University of North Carolina vs. Duke.

Are college sports, or even military college sports, better then pro? Ultimately it is a matter of opinion because both have a lot of great qualities about them and it is ultimately up to you to decide, or you could just be like me and like them both.

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