Community College Accounting – Should I Major In Accounting?

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Earning your accounting degree online after transferring from community college can take you in so many directions. If you are looking to work in the business field, start your own business or even work for the government, this degree can help you get there.

When you earn your degree online, you'll be able to do it on your own time. You will be able to keep up with your job or your responsibilities at home. Online degree programs have all the perks of being flexible, but still give you the tools you need to start a career.

So what can you do with an online accounting degree? Surprisingly, there are several directions you can take your career after graduation. Accounting may seem like a boring career, but after you take a look at these career paths, you'll probably think otherwise.

Corporate Accountant

If you have a knack for business, and enjoy tracking expenses and profits, you would do well in the corporate world. Most businesses hire at least one accountant who manages the organization's funds. A corporate account does more than just cut checks though. With this career you will provide the information management needs to make wise decisions. You will provide details on expenditures, profits, taxes and the business' financial standing.

Entrepreneur Accountant

Maybe you have a strong desire to work on your own, bringing in clients, providing quality work and making a profit for you and your business. You can make this dream a reality with an online accounting degree. After you have earned your degree, you can work as a self-employed accountant who provides accounting services to all kinds of clients. Eventually, you may even be able to build your own business. Many people who do this specialize in tax accounting. These people help various clients make sure they are meeting tax regulations, and then help them file their taxes each year. This is a lucrative field that has lots of room for growth.

Government Accountant

Just like most other organizations, government bodies also need accountants. City, state and federal government departments employ people who can manage finances and provide financial feedback when it comes time to make decisions. If you want to make a change in your community, and enjoy the inner workings of politics, this is the perfect fit for you.

An online accounting degree can take you far in life. If you love numbers and finances, one of these careers might just be waiting for you.

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