What To Expect At Community College Orientation Programs [Full Detail]

by Chad Agrawal

community college orientationWhat to expect at community college orientation? They are an excellent opportunity to learn more about they community college you'll be attending. As a new student, you'll see that going to your community college orientation is highly beneficial to your college experience. In fact, it could completely change how you experience community college, but I'll get to that story in another post (or you can see how community college orientation changed Shenee Lowers experience here).

In this post, you'll discover the importance of attending your community college orientation, tips on what to wear and some best practices you might want to employ along the way. By the end of this post, you'll know exactly what to expect at community college orientation and be confident when it's time to go. Also, you'll be ready for more in-depth success steps that I share in this community college guide. So let's get to it!

What To Wear To Community College Orientations

The first step towards attending community college orientation: deciding what to wear. Having been an orientation leader at one point, I can tell you that what you wear matters. If you take the time to look nice, rather than coming in like you rolled out of bed, it makes an impact. It shows that you care about being there and you're ready for the experience. You don't have to be fully decked out, perhaps not even business casual, but wear something nice that you're confident in. For guys, jeans and a polo are fine. For ladies, I'm not an expert, but jeans and a nice top is great. Or perhaps even a skirt or dress? But, no matter what, avoid wearing sweatpants and a tshirt at all costs!

What To Expect At Community College Orientation

At orientation, you can expect to be greeted in a large group by community college administrators and professors who share the many opportunities offered at the college. You might be shown a short video, introduced to alumni and perhaps, joined in some raffle or something. Then, most likely, you'll split up into smaller groups led by student leaders who will tour you around campus and tell you more about the college.

Many parents also join in on these tours so don't be shy if they want to attend too. It's a great way for you guys to be on the same page. And you're parents will feel more confident about your college experience.

Now, having a student leader tour you around campus is a great opportunity! This is your chance to ask a lot of questions and get real insight to life on campus. Also, you'll get a solid understanding of where everything is on campus. So on your first day of community college, you won't have to worry about finding a class or where to sit during breaks or how to get to the library. You can focus on meeting people, getting ahead in your classes and joining in on campus life. By far, having the chance to ask questions from someone older in community college is a great opportunity you shouldn't pass up. That's why this community college guide is so important to your success. Because you'll have a proven plan to follow at community college to transfer to university.

Lastly, after your tour is over, there will probably be a small "club fair" to learn more about activities on campus. Putting your email down isn't going to cost you anything so be open and sign up to give some clubs a try!

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