Community College Paralegal? Here’s The Top 3 Benefits of a Career as a Paralegal

by A Guest Author

Being a paralegal can be a tremendous way for you to enter the legal profession. Perhaps you have always dreamed about becoming a lawyer, but you are unable to currently afford law school or are not sure you want to make the time commitment. Being a paralegal gives you a first-hand look at the culture of law firms and lets you observe the daily work of lawyers. By seeing what it is that lawyers do on a daily basis, you may ultimately decide that law is not the profession for you. If you are unsure of whether you want to pay thousands of dollars for law school, consider being a paralegal and obtaining these three benefits.

1. Possibility of Tuition Assistance

If you do quality work for a law firm, then the law firm may want you to stay on board even when you attend law school. Some law firms have such a great vision for their paralegals that they will help fund the legal education of paralegals. Be sure to inquire about any tuition assistance programs that may be available at your law firm for paralegals who want to attend law school. You may be surprised to find that you could qualify for a full-tuition scholarship after working for a law firm for only a couple of years as a paralegal. A law firm may also be able to provide you with financial assistance for your bar exam course and application fee.

2. Becoming Partner in the Law Firm

If you begin working as a paralegal at a law firm before you attend law school, then chances are that you will continue to work for the law firm during law school. Some law students even receive validation that they will receive a position as a partner if they continue to work for a law firm upon graduation. You should keep in mind that the types of law firms that usually make this promise are medium-sized or small law firms. Larger law firms will usually require that you put in at least 10 years as an associate before you even have the possibility of being considered for a position as a partner. Working as a paralegal at a law firm will also give you a significant edge in the job market over other law students. Law firms will want to hire you over other law students because you have more experience.

3. Learning About the Work of Lawyers

As a paralegal, you will be asked to research legal issues, draft legal memoranda, write letters to clients, meet with clients and meet with your lawyer on a regular basis. Being a paralegal will give you a first-hand account of what it is like to be a lawyer. There is no better way to see the daily grind of a lawyer than by being the one who assists the lawyer in his or her daily grind. You may decide that you love the tension and high-paced atmosphere of a law firm. You may decide that you despite the atmosphere of a law firm and want nothing to do with a legal career. Whatever you ultimately decide, the fact is that being a paralegal gives you valuable experience. You may learn that you are a greater writer and able to handle a heavy caseload, which are qualities that will make you a phenomenal lawyer.

When you decide to work as a paralegal for a couple of years, the experience could take you anywhere. You may decide that you want to go to law school, or you may be completely content with a lifelong career as a paralegal.

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Audrey Lewis is a family law paralegal and guest author at Best Paralegal Schools, a site with resources and rankings to help prospective paralegal students review the top-rated schools online.

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