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Some companies do it better than others. Whether you work in a serviced office space or just a basic office, some spaces create better corporate cultures than others. It is true that you cannot reinvent the wheel, but you can take what is working for others, and implement it in your surroundings or business by giving it your edge and individuality. Let us take a look at some of the best corporate culture companies in the world to see what main things contribute to creating a happy, productive office space.


With founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page's outlook and attitude their  youthfulness still remain strong in the foundations of the company. Google was founded in 1998 and climb the ladder to success until they became unrivaled. Can it really be that a creative surrounding and festive atmosphere contributed to their success? It seems so! Not only is it important to feel happy and creative while working, but as an employee you need to be faced with challenges to push you to a next level as well.

Google's secret lies in their management structure and can be seen as a 'flat' company. The atmosphere is casual and the management democratic. The company does not have a big middle management and the upper level is very hands on that it is not necessarily needed. Teams consist of members that have equal say and authority.

At the Google office employee's are surrounded with creative influences and unique setups, including dogs, massage chair, lava lamps, double rooms, foozball, darts, video games, gym areas, dance classes, health food sections, you name it. Google makes it so comfortable for their employee's that they will wake up excited to go to work.


Facebook had three main principles that they focus on.

-      Culture: When Facebook opens a new office in a different country they focus on what is important for those employee's taking in account different cultures and customs. Before settling in in a new area they send out 'landing teams' to research the area and include the existing culture into the corporate culture.

-      The Facebook environment: Nevermind where the office is based, they like to put a Facebook- stamp on the office, implementing company values and 'landmarks' so that the company as a brand would be recognized.

-      Collaboration: At Facebook they try to focus on collaboration between employees instead of implementing a strict hierarchy. They don't want to force their employee's into anything, but rather give them space and good competition to encourage creativity and effectiveness.


At Apple they have the Work Hard, Play Hard mindset. Similar to Facebook and Google, Apple also see it fit to have a casual working space, but with a big focus on deadlines and work ethics. At the Apple franchise it is encouraged to come up with innovative ideas and ground breaking products. According to experts, Apple's innovation is directly linked with it's corporate culture.

Apple challenges their employees but also give them job security and great benefits and compensation. Even though the employees are encourage to run their own show, they were also greatly influenced by their former CEO, Steve Jobs. The company was also focused on a culture of secrecy, and even though some of their methods and Jobs's interesting style of doing things, one cannot deny their tremendous success.

These companies all focus on the cultural aspect of their business. Not only the heritage of their employees and what makes them feel comfortable, but also what inspires them. These companies tried to reform management structure in their fields but giving it a more casual approach. Great corporate culture companies focus on creating equality and equal growth opportunities within the company. The higher up management have hands on approach and they are aware of the possibilities within the company and by leading from example. It is all about creating optimum opportunity for employees to live out their passions and creativity.

There are surely numerous other companies that are just as successful, and you might even be practising the same principles at your company. That is great news, because it means you are doing the same thing like the best corporate culture companies and hopefully it will lead to tremendous success.

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