Culinary Arts: Learn Culinary Skills and Get Hired

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Employment has become a serious issue in the United States during this recession, as working professionals are often being fired, and young graduates are not able to find positions as easily as years past. However, there is still hope for employment, and even a successful career in various recession proof industries - one of them is the food industry.

According to the National Restaurant Association, the food service industry will provide 2 million additional jobs by 2017. As a result, a career in the culinary field has become a highly preferred one. To enter the food industry you just need to enroll in an adult education program for culinary arts.

Though some culinary skills can be learned on the job, it is always better to learn from experts and gain skills only available through an accredited culinary art school. Once you complete your culinary coursework you can become a full-fledged chef. In the United States there are plenty of culinary cooking schools, many providing world-class culinary education supported by hands on training.

Apart from all that, the main advantage of enrolling in a culinary degree program is that it enables you to start your career immediately as a cook or chef, and saves you time from learning on the job in a lower paid, lesser position. Moreover, obtaining a degree in the culinary arts helps students to get placed in a better hotel or fine dining restaurant. Finally, a culinary degree program not only provides students with the opportunity to learn how to cook exotic food, make delicious soups, create finger licking sauces, and design amazing pastries,  it also allows them to learn how to:

  • Utilize the kitchen space and take care of kitchen equipment
  • Earn a certificate in health and sanitation
  • Control costs
  • Buy food items and kitchen equipment
  • Create menus
  • Satisfy customers and manage employees

What you can expect from a degree in the culinary arts

There are plenty of career options to choose from after the completion of your degree program in the culinary arts. Generally trained students prefer a career as a personal chef and sous chef.

A personal chef visits their client’s homes and prepares meals for them, on site. A sous chef works as an assistant to the executive or head chef in a hotel or restaurant. These positions offer prestige and the chance to really use the culinary skills and creativity of perspective culinary arts students.

If you eventually want to become the head chef in a famous hotel or restaurant, then beginning your career as a sous chef, after the completion of your degree program, will provide you with extensive on-the-job training making you skilled at managing staff, creating menus, and managing payroll for a demanding facility.  A career in the culinary arts offers creativity, excitement and a lucrative paycheck, all while doing something you love, cooking!

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