Does Greek Life Exist in Community College?

by Chad Agrawal

While the main reason to attend college is of course academic, most students won't hesitate to tell you that they're most excited about the prospect of socializing and making new friends (without the watchful eyes of their parents tracking their every move and enforcing a strict curfew). The feeling of freedom that comes with making one's own decisions can definitely be empowering, but students that aren't careful can take their partying to the extreme and wind up washing out. For this reason it is important to maintain an existence that is at least somewhat scheduled, even where socializing is concerned. And many students find this balance by participating in Greek life on campus, where social engagements are planned along with everything else (from study time to charitable fundraisers and other events). But if you're attending a community college, you might be worried that you won't have the same access to the fraternity and sorority system that other colleges and universities provide. Here's the skinny on going Greek while attending community college.

To start, you should probably be aware that Greek life as you know it does not exist at the community college level. The main reason behind this is that community colleges do not provide student housing of any sort. There are no dorms, apartments, or fraternity/sorority houses attached to the campus. So the Greek "houses" are pretty much out. That said, students that are interested in Greek life still have a couple of options to participate while in community college or at least prepare to rush when they transfer to another college or university for an undergrad program.

The first option is to join an honor society like Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Gamma Sigma, or Sigma Kappa Delta (amongst others). These organizations have chapters on many community college campuses (although you'll have to check in with those in your area to find out what is offered). Becoming a member of such an organization can help you in several ways. For example, it can offer you the opportunity to participate in community and charity events, network with students from chapters around the world, join study abroad programs, and even get scholarships. All of this can help to enhance your community college transfer experience as well as your chances of going on to an undergraduate program. And if you don't already have an honor society at your school you can petition to start one. You may even petition to start a fraternity or sorority, although it is unlikely that you will receive the same support since you cannot technically house the members.

Of course, participating in an honor society can also help you to prepare for joining a Greek house once you transfer. While you may opt to retain membership with your honor society during the remainder of your baccalaureate program, it does not preclude you from joining another fraternity or sorority, and it will almost certainly increase your appeal as a prospective member of other Greek organizations. So while many students will no doubt be sorry to miss out on the "real" Greek experience during their time at community college (and those who go on to a masters in taxation online or other remote degree programs will have to forego it later on), there's no reason you can't get started with Greek life in one form (via an honor society) and then expand your horizons once you get to a 4-year school.

This post was written by Chad Agrawal

Chad Agrawal is the founder of CCTS, helping students transfer from community college to Ivy League, tier 1 or anywhere else by following this community college guide.

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I had no clue community colleges have greek life.


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