Easy Ways to Save Money While in Community College

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While there are many differences between community college and a four-year college, one thing will always remain the same: college students all want to save money. While you may not be spending as much money on tuition, there are still many expenses that you will need to budget and save for. Use the following information and tips to see how you can save money.

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There truly is nothing like a home-cooked meal. The thought of having to cook for yourself every day may sound extremely time consuming, but the amount of money and pounds that you will save are well worth the time. Keep a running grocery list in your smartphone so that you only buy what you need when you grocery shop and also have a handy list ready to cross-check with weekly grocery sales. Also, pack snacks to carry around with you. It is a lot easier to eat healthier when you have healthy food with you at all times.


Many community colleges are in the outskirts of larger cities which means it takes a bit longer to get to some of them. Driving to class may sound like the fastest and most logical method of getting there.  However, it definitely is not the most practical when it comes to saving money. Gas prices are soaring and so will your blood pressure once you realize how much money you are spending every week just to get to class. The good thing is that there are several transportation options available for students. Many schools offer discounts or even free bus passes for students. Riding your bike to and from class is also a great way to save a ton of money and exercise at the same time. Also, see if any of your classmates would like to carpool. Carpooling is good for your wallet and the environment!


Clothes should not be your main priority, but everyone wants to look great. You will also need to start investing in business professional clothing for the many interviews and jobs that you will start to have once you receive your degree. Thrift stores and garage sales are packed with hidden gems. Do a bit of research to find the best thrift stores in your area. It is not rare to find leading name brand items that are brand new at a fraction of the cost at a thrift store.


Community College TextbooksTextbooks are the second highest expense after room and board for college students. With the cost of having to buy new books every semester and rarely receiving any money from selling them back, buying textbooks can truly become one of the biggest headaches of being a college student. However, with a bit of research you can save yourself a ton of money and frustration. There are now a few companies that have answered students’ pleas and allow you to rent textbooks. This saves you money because you only pay a fraction of the cost and will not own a book that you will probably never need again. Just rent and return!


College is supposed to be the most fun time of your life. Studying must always come first, but you do deserve to enjoy yourself! Check your college’s and the local university’s website for a calendar of campus events. Most schools have tons of free events for students to attend every day. Also ask around to see which businesses offer a student discount. Be sure to carry your student id around with you everywhere you go in case a discount is available. Don’t be afraid to ask around for advice. Students who have lived in the area for a long time are sure to be knowledgeable about the best deals in town.


While school is its own fulltime job, it doesn’t hurt to look into getting a part-time job to offset your expenses. Look for on campus jobs which tend to be a bit more flexible because they know that students have strenuous workloads. Remember that you have to make some money to save money.

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