Education is Life

by Roland Sullivan

Education is merely a word, easy to utter but very hard to comprehend or be given a definition. An individual can express himself through education, the abilities and potentials are further enhanced with proper guidance from parents, peers or instructors. Having a good and right learning will help a person draw and shape his future or write his life’s custom essay. It is also an alteration for an individual to society wherein meeting other people, sharing diverse principles and creating own identity are vital and happening.

For a child education, they are geared in doing more number of hours just playing, in which satisfying his personal needs is the first priority. While learning, he might stumble and fall at times but gradually he is sure to grow and develop. He will change his behavior according to his environment thus; any change can be considered part of his developmental stage. Learning commenced with reciting the alphabet to counting numbers to identifying animals to writing an essay and in having good comprehension on life or on studies. All this will surely happen in the course of his education. The whole process will help him build relationships, share ideas and turned him into a young matured man; that intellectual ability will help him reach the top. Outstanding people never stop from learning new things and by no means halt from discovering hidden knowledge; they welcome and embrace every lecture, every lesson though the after effect is not certain, even if they win or fail. Education plays a big part in building the foundation of someone’s life. It burns the flame of the desire to reach the every dream.

Life is about learning, it is a free form, custom essay. Learning is the amendment of one’s behavior and education is the method that helps individual to shape his character, individuality, skills and attitude towards life circumstances. It also refined oneself in what the standard of the society preferred. Bring forth to become source in this society to regain true strength.

Dreaming big, working harder and praying hardest will land you into a better place that you can accomplish what you truly deserve. We are all worthy to have life with convenience but we have to be resourceful, credible, hardworking and dedicated. We all deserved to be well educated no matter what your status in life is; you are commendable to become one of the world successors.

This post was written by Roland Sullivan

Roland lives in Boston. Making researches and writing articles for daily magazine and SuperiorPapers. Maried for 7 years and already has two kids - James and Dave. Sometimes travel to Europe and write articles about it, for example my last writing was about Milan - great city in Italy.

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