End Denial Of Your Weaknesses: Embrace The Whole You

by A Guest Author

In this fast-paced world, we’re constantly living in denial of our own faults and mistakes. Wherever we go and whatever we do, everyone expects us to be perfect. Whether it's in cooking food or managing a company's workforce, people don't seem to accommodate mistakes anymore. The situation is more dire now than it was even a few decades ago. These days, even kids are expected to be perfect all the time and they're groomed by their parents right from a young age to fill out a certain set of expectations. While expectations are good, too many of them can lead to an unhappy life.

To break through our denial we have to look deeper into ourselves

So what exactly does one need to do in order to exist unscathed in a world constantly filled with perfectionism and denial? That question is really easy to ask, however finding its answer will prove difficult if you lack an understanding of the basic human psyche. We're all human, so we know we make mistakes, but how many of us let our mistakes run our lives? Not many, most of us are experienced enough in life to know that we simply have to keep going, keep trying, and not let life's mistakes get you down. Why then do we give so much importance to our mistakes and weaknesses when there are a lot of things we're good at? In order to correctly answer that last question, you need to look deep into yourself.

It takes a bit of honesty

How often have you caught yourself denying your faults and flaws? If you think hard enough, you'll find out that you brush your faults under the carpet quite often. This behavior might be due to a deep set fear of your faults or the fear if having them exposed for the world to see. However, the longer you continue doing this, the harder it is for you to accept your faults and come to terms with them anyway. Denial is a tool of the cowardly. It simply puts away things that need to be dealt with at some point of time.

We're all human and we have our weaknesses and limitations, but denial of these very human traits only serves to enslave us further. Living in constant fear of our limitations and weaknesses is not a great way to achieve success. Think of it like trying to swim with a big piece of rock tied to your waist. While trying to swim through the waters of life, do you really need a huge stone bogging you down? However, getting rid of the stone is akin to losing fear of your weaknesses. It means coming face to face with your limitations and overcoming them.

Living a lie is the easiest thing to do

Just brush all your weaknesses under the carpet and you seem to be doing just fine. That's what everyone in your life including your peers taught you. That you can't afford to be wrong or look weak. However, bundling so many weaknesses inside you can cause lots of self doubt and that sort of thing starts eating away at your confidence slowly but surely. When you face your deepest fears and take them head on, you'll be surprised to know that everyone around is more supportive and you feel a whole lot better about yourself for doing it.

Here are some great ways to come to terms with your weaknesses and limitations and take them head on:

  1. - Confess your weakness and denial to your best friend or a close relative
  2. - Make sure you aren't intimidated by people who remind you of your limitations
  3. - Accept your weaknesses and come to terms with the different aspects of your personality.
  4. - Realize that you're human and that you're not perfect by any length of imagination.
  5. - Seek out a counselor if you're worried that fear of your weaknesses is affecting your life.
  6. - Develop great relationships and have a lot of friends. They make great support groups when you're in doubt.

Creating a false image of yourself everyday and trudging through life fighting with yourself is not a great way to live. In fact, it's a recipe for disaster. One that will happen sooner or later if you keep putting off reconciliation with your flaws. The only way to truly liberate yourself and achieve success is to go deep into yourself and make peace with who you really are. While this is easier said than done, millions of people are doing it every day. Some do it with support and some do it on their own, but what is ultimately true is that denial is the perfect path to failure. Acceptance on the other hand is what leads you to success.

I recently read an article by an Australian Biologist Jeremy Griffith which discusses denial in our society which certainly got me thinking far more deeply about the subject. The article is here (http://www.worldtransformation.com/why-do-people-lie) if you would like to read it.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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